I Wasn’t Worried At All



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  1. Flight attendant July 5, 2015

    That’s not an airline seat belt. Maybe you could pass it as a jockey’s uniform.

    • who said this plane is an airliner? Might as well be one of larger Pipers or cessnas, they have 3 point seat belts… wanna be a smart ass, go smart assing someplace else

    • Flight attendant July 6, 2015

      @ pfff
      You know what happens with ANY Piper or Cessna at 600 mph, don’t you? Now stop being annoying.

  2. Looks like you misbehaved and air marshall strapped you to your chair. Since this clearly isn’t an airline safety belt.

  3. “Good for you, son.”
    – St. Peter

  4. Maybe more concerning that the girl is groping her mothers breast as the plane goes down!!

  5. no commercial airplane can reach 600mph without breaking into pieces

  6. J.J.McClure July 6, 2015

    That guy is clearly ducktaped

  7. He never said he was on said plane.

  8. Ahah! Lyrics from the song “Albuquerque” by weird al :D

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