How To Do Math



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  1. Math – Not Even Once

  2. Math is so easy September 7, 2014

    this picture gave me aids

  3. Math has logic but it has no reason.

    • No reason except the Internet, computers, radio, television, radar, engineering, construction, demolition, rocketry, economics, modern auto-repair, making computer games, figuring out how many sausages to buy for a family bbq, a lot of the very high paying jobs. Yep, no reason at all.

    • Dear LogiC, my dog has logic too, but also no reason. Reason like in deeper and higher thinking, like for example the thinking you need to really understand a pun.
      And no, math has no reason, the same as your computer.
      The REASON for my comment was that I consider math inferior to physics and chemistry – by far. For example math will allow you to divide by infinity, while physics will never allow it. And there is a REASON for that.
      Reason that, Logic!

    • ReasoN - lolseewhatididthere October 6, 2014

      So why is maths inferior to physics if it allows more operations?

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