How Smart Are You?




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  1. Obviously, the author of comic has never worked in the US military, or for the US military in any capacity.

  2. Dinah Shore or Dinosaur? March 9, 2015

    Most religious people think they know a lot, but are very stupid.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 9, 2015

      They embrace to be stupid. See ISIS.

    • This point and point of comic are both wrong. Stupid people just say stuff because they copy smart people. Dumb people say they are dumb, not to appear smart, but because smart people are doing it and they don’t fully understand it. ISIS leaders are smart, because they don’t give a crap about the real meaning of their religion and get idiots to fight for them.

  3. I know enough compared to the average population.
    Hence I am smart.

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