How NATO Works



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  1. Uhm, thats not the Nato flag.
    Btw, its a European Union flag, and we have superior weapons and a superior economy.
    So, you want the training wheels now?

    • Typical fail of the US education system.

    • Five stars for you ;)

    • Over 60 years since the yurps started a world war!

    • Professional Handshaker August 27, 2015

      No, US started World War II. The world was mostly fine until your ass got kicked in Pearl Harbor.
      And, oh yeah, last WW started cca 75 yrs ago…

    • Uh WWII started when Hitler did his “Blitzkrieg into Poland. Also I wouldn’t boast too much about US succeeding in wars, since they haven’t really declared any, or succeeded in any for some time.

    • Why would they show the NATO flag to indicate how the US and European Union do things together?

    • Sarcasm and euphemism are foreign concepts, no?

    • Viral, your brain doesn’t function too well, does it?
      Think really hard about the relations of those flags and what they mean to NATO.

  2. Lord Jinadasa August 26, 2015

    what’s with all the politics of late?
    Anyway, both pics are wrong to assume NATO is going anywhere.
    a better picture would be 50 people in a rowing boat with one oar.

  3. All wrong. The american should have giant ears. To spy on his allies. And a knife for stabbing them in the back if it’s in his own interest.

  4. Geofrey P. R. Martell August 26, 2015

    Winter is coming… O.O

  5. where is the funny? What’s with the right wing crap lately? Not funny. Boo.

  6. NATO doesn’t work, it kills.

  7. Do americans know that no one care about their army? That they look like those creepy bodybuilders flexing disproportional muscles, thinking that everyone consider them badasses, but in reality everyone roll eyes in disgust.

  8. Professional Handshaker August 27, 2015

    So, basically, US is pushing European children in to wars US started? OK…

    • Safety first August 27, 2015

      I bet you didn’t wear your helmet while bike riding.

    • Professional Handshaker August 27, 2015

      @Safety first:
      Now that’s what I call a funny comeback!

  9. A few months ago the German Bundeswehr joined NATO exercises in Norway and other places. The troops had huge problems with their equipment – they simply did not have enough. On one of the armored vehicles they mounted a painted broomstick instead of a gun.
    No kidding.

    • As Europe is more peacefull than the US most of it’s members have less need for an apocalyptic arsenal.

    • Yep, EUro… So peaceful that there’s currently a war going on in Ukraine.

    • Ash Ketchum August 28, 2015

      A war that started because US wanted a puppet regime there

  10. Italiano Medio August 27, 2015

    Guys come on… take the frigging joke once in a while!!!

  11. Hotchpotchsoup August 30, 2015

    NATO is americans using other countries as shields… this picture is horrible

  12. Interesting how, to a certain group of people, this one was so, so wrong, yet the previous one that “explained” Americans to non-Americans was so, so right.

  13. This was many years ago. Now Europe has grown up and America is getting old. Soon America will need Europe’s support…

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