Hilariously Ugly Medieval Paintings of Cats


While medieval artists had no problem painting religious scenes, portraits of royalty and naked ladies, cats offered an altogether different challenge. It looks like the medieval painters never laid eyes on a real cat.


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  1. Earnest Borg 9 April 4, 2018

    Oh my, I think I can see the pixels.

  2. Informative and interesting. Also, picture 3 has quite interesting depiction of genitalia. Or butt.

    “Alain, dear? Why are you shaving the cat… down there?”
    “Begone, woman! It’s for my art. You would never understand”
    “Alain… I asked only for…”

    ***krrrttth krrrttth*** Mediocre cats > Mediterranean Cats > Meth Cats > Meow Cats

    • *Krrrthh krrtth* is the sound of Alain shaving.

      For some reason the site thought I was typing weird commands. Skipped a line. Everything is ruined :(

  3. Goober the not Funny April 5, 2018

    Some are that bad they have human faces

  4. A not to intelligent guy April 5, 2018

    You all seem to have misunderstood. This is the medieval version of funny cats on You Tube.

    • Ooohhh. So this is how it all started. 1gag, 1chan etc.

      And instead of looking at them on a screen they used paintings. Makes sense. Trolling would be like standing infront of it and saying : “I had sex with this artists mother last night” and then some random onlooker would reply : “no u”. Troll replying : “missed me with that u thing”. And then someone would do the finger circle below his waist. And start to sing Rick Astley.

      Haha good times. Cats spread so much joy.

      In other news, you just lost The Game.

      Cats > Ancient 1gag Community At The Artists Mums House

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