Horrible Design Fails



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  1. What if that guy on the first picture was born that way? Not cool to make fun of him, not cool.

    • There ain’t no other way, baby I was born this way

    • What kind of stupid comment is this?
      Obviously this is all about a graphic mistake and has nothing to do with racism, human conditions or similar!
      You should be ashamed of even just thinking about a comment like that.
      I’m 150% sure that there’s no way a gentic problem will lead a human being to be like the one you are claiming was possibly born like that, but even if he will definitely be smart enough to understand that this was not meant to fool and/or make jokes about his condition, you instead…

  2. Capitain Obvious, please: explain the Rizza Cafe.

  3. It’s nizza: Not a problem if you are from Europe.

    • Mikael Olofsson November 22, 2015

      …if you are from France, that is. Noone else writes z that way.

    • ah, thanks for the explanation, didn’t understand it either

    • Could it be that Rizza is backward, as if on the inside. The bright lights are reflected from the inside.

  4. I fell down those stairs just looking at them.

  5. Subsidence is at fault on the drain.

  6. Wait, what’s wrong with the jigsaw puzzle?

  7. On the Rizza Café, the font is dark and the interior of the restaurant is dark also. They had to tape paper behind the glass to see the letters.

  8. Re: Cut out in door to accommodate toilet
    I actually lived in an old Greenwich Village apartment, in a turn of the century building, where the bathroom was added later, where this was the case. “Indoor plumbing” (vs outhouses in back yard) was added in probably the 1930s in a walled off section of the living room. The bath was the width of a small tub + 6″. Small but great apartment on Perry St!

  9. That shampoo minion has seen it all…

  10. ScooterTiberius October 13, 2016

    None has ever passed the checkered stairs of doom!!

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