If Inspirational Posters Were Honest…




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  1. Isn’t that workout one from Mitch Hedberg?

  2. Some Guy Somewhere August 13, 2017

    Stop making people may not be the ONLY way to save the planet, but its a good start.

    • Kick Trump out of office would be another.

    • I vote kick Dat off the planet. Coffee tastes better out there, anyway, Dat. Just thinking of you.
      (does EVERYTHING have to be political/anti-Trump for you?!?)

    • Shut up Dat- No need for that here

    • Kauf, Joe, why are you posting here instead of demonstrating for racism and hate with your KKK friends?

    • Internet Troll # 54923 August 14, 2017

      Put Dat in the Army shoveling out latrines. He’s already an expert.

    • HAHA, keep lamenting. You just found your master in every aspect. You are NOTHING, Internet Troll # 54923. You better watch and learn.

  3. Ordinary Person August 14, 2017

    The Beatles had a song called “Give me Money” long before memes were even thought of.


  4. Ordinary Person August 14, 2017

    But the Beatles were a real band whereas Spinal Tap were not.

    • But Spinal Tap had this amplifier which you could set to 11 instead of only 10 for volume. They were 10% louder, in their own train of thought.

    • The Beatles could only wish that their drummer would blow up.

    • Captain Sarcastic August 17, 2017

      Yup, they did real covers.

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