Hitchhiking 101


Aren't you afraid I might be a serial killer? The odds of two serial killers being in the same car are extremely unlikely.


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  1. To Be Quite Honest August 21, 2021

    And yet there they were. Two of the biggest serial killers in the world. Side by side. Standing together. Addressing a nation.
    Lying to the world.
    At this point, how Biden and Harris still manage to pull it off with a straight face is the most impressive thing about either of them.

    • They are dwarfs in contrast to your former president Trump. He killed more than 600,000 people on his killing spree. And he is still doing it. That will be his legacy.

    • Can you see August 22, 2021

      A picture about hitchhiking. Yes that must be code for ‘do you hate this person who happens to be president too’. And pls share your thoughts on what you think about politics here instead of an actual political forum.

    • He’s a troll. We keep him as a pet.

    • Lol, people will make up literally anything to justify their political view. Biden supporters are just as bad as Trump supporters.

  2. The Real Anon August 22, 2021

    Ok, I’ll bite,

    How is Biden and Harris two of the biggest serial killers in the world?

    • JoHo official criticizer August 22, 2021

      Day 7 of the hostage crisis. Even Macron and Johnson had enough sense to pull their people out.

    • Trump’s legacy.

  3. Bla, bla, bla… yawn 🥱. For the people here there is only the Leftist cult. You can show them over and over but like the followers of Jim Jones, their gonna guzzle the kool aid. Want proof? When they reelect Justine Socks Trudeau Castro next month that is all you need to know. You can’t fix stupid which is why the world is coming apart.

    • Reads like you injected kool aid into your venes. Are you sure you don’t need a doctor… soon?

    • Guzzle the kool aid?

      Sounds like the GOP to me. They will believe anything Trump says, even when it’s a lie, which it usually is.

      They believed him when he said COVID was a hoax, and now it is literally killing them.

    • The more of Trump’s voter get killed by Covid-19 the better for the free world.

  4. Dwight Shrute August 22, 2021

    False! The chance of being picked up by a serial killer stays the same regardless if you are one or not.

    • I would like to contest that.

      If x = the total number of people and y = the total number of serial killers, any person x has the chance to meet y serial killers, whilst a serial killer has the chance to meet y-1 serial killers.

    • how the turntables August 22, 2021

      Yet if both are a serial killer. Then they both have done their job to increase their chance of meeting eachother. Now we enter z = people killed by y into the equation. So its not just x but x – z. Which means the chances have gone up.

    • Well, @how the turntables, since I am not into serial killing and not that much into hitchhiking anymore, I leave it up to you to figure out the correct equation ;-)

      Guess there aren’t that many serial killers anyway. The number of sex offenders (I am not into that either) or child abusers (nope, not my thing) must be much higher.

    • Especially in the GOP ranks.

    • Most serial killers are black these days.
      Most mass shooters are minorities too.
      God bless American equality.

  5. I just love how badly Trump hurt these weak minded socialists. He’s gone and your boy Biden is the leader of the free world. How’s that working out for ya? 🤣😂. Makes me wish I HAD voted for Trump.

    • The U.S. lost their claim on “leader of the free world” under Trump. There are no socialists in the U.S. Read a book about socialism – not written by a far right idiot.

    • :There are no socialists in the U.S. Read a book about socialism:
      Can you even read?

      The 21st century has seen an increase in the participation of socialist and left-wing organizing, precipitated by the Occupy movement and Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential runs. This has resulted in an explosive growth of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) where by “December 2018, DSA had some 55,000 members in 166 chapters and 57 high school and college groups, making it the largest socialist organization in the United States since the heyday of the Communist Party in the 1930s and 1940s”. In an interview by The New Labor Forum, a DSA member testifies “I have basically been a lifelong liberal who has very slowly radicalized and was kind of catapulted into radicalization by the Bernie primary campaign. I really didn’t know about the term democratic socialism until Bernie started using it”. These organizations like the DSA are leading a movement that is giving voice to left-wing positions, emphasizing issues such as affordable housing, universal health care, opposing public subsidies for corporations, seeking the creation of government-owned banks, environmental justice, and free college for all. There have been an increase of democratic socialists elected to Congress, most notably a group of four congresswomen known as “The Squad.” In a 2011 survey, more people under the age of 30 had a favorable view of socialism than of capitalism.

  6. Biden. Biden. Biden. Biden. Biden.

  7. Back to the photo: If these two are serial killers, they were made for each other. Life would not be dull with them around.

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