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  1. …said every Leftist EVER!

  2. unknown origin February 27, 2017

    This is hilarious. I know someone exactly like this! They make snide comments because I can afford my own property, holidays abroad etc – but I’m the one who gets up at the crack of dawn every day and goes to work to pay for my lifestyle. I’ve never asked anyone for anything. I once said to him perhaps if he had a job he’d be able to afford things or at least save up for them – he said “I’m not going to wait tables or fill supermarket shelves! I have a degree!” and needless to say it was the fault of the ‘corporate clones’ (like me apparently…)

  3. I’m “totally socialist” and I do pretty well. Now what?
    And one other thing: it would be nice of you Liver guys to put a small asterisk or similar sign on top of posts you consider funny. You know, like that canned laughter they use in comedy shows so people know that something was funny?

    • You’re FORGETTING, neurobaby…you did NOT pick “Medieval Lesbian Dynamics in Asia” as a major…
      Somehow (/s), you Euro-ProZis (Progressive Socialist, sometimes known as fascists)
      delude yourselves that, as long as there is SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY to pay for your Totalitarian State redistribution programs, all is “well” with your savage system.

    • I too am “totally socialist” and am also doing well. I don’t have a degree in anything that would be considered relevant by the RWNJ’s, but I am employed, have been for years, and have completely paid off my house in one of the most expensive cities in North America.
      In the yard of my house I have four rain barrels and two composting bins, I put out a garbage bin maybe once a month, and I ride a bike to work all year round. All this stuff saves taxpayer money – you know, the thing penultimately most important to the RWNJ, second only to getting those pesky brown people on a plane back to where they came from.
      I am a typical lefty.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob February 27, 2017

      Hey Rattus, yer front yard sounds like my front yard. Onlyist I also gots dogs under the front porch, a goat cutting (eating) the grass and I put my garbage out in a garbage CAN, not a bin. Are you really a Brit?

    • Bubba and kin, a Canuck actually, and I’d kill for a goat but the goddamned conservatives are soooooo uptight about farm animals in the city. I will get my chickens come hell or high water.

  4. @Kauf Buch: If I was in your place (luckily I’m not) I wouldn’t worry about Europe. We are doing fine, minding our own business and being happy. Trust me. I live here. What I would worry about is your little Hitler and his Schergen who will hermetically close USA. Witch if fine by the rest of the world. You — not so much.
    A good example is your relationship with Mexico. OK, you’ll raise taxes and eventually stop trading with them and all. Fine. Guess who already saw an opportunity to help Mexico in trade? China. Yep, you’ll have Chinese BFF right on your doorstep.
    The downward spiral of isolation will go even further. You’ll cut ties with other American states, EU, etc. You’ll be next North Korea. And it’ll be a fun to watch from this side of the pond.

    • “We are doing fine…”

    • Uh… oh.. you found stupid right wing site that tells you what you want to hear.
      I live in Europe. I travel on weekly basis. I see Europe from my window, you ****. Now shut up, you adolescent *****.

    • The Good German February 28, 2017

      Kauf Buch presents us far right populist fake news site. Thinks he won the argument. What a loser. So sad.
      It’s actually an american site and organisation. They call themselves “experts” (of what?) and hire racist weirdos as authors and fund neonazi parties in Europe. Critized for racism and falsehood on a regular basis. Breitbart for the wealthy.

  5. FakeAmerican February 27, 2017

    Actually it’s true. It ::is:: the rich peoples’ fault. If they would pay their taxes like good citizens education would be free like it is in developed countries.

    • Prince Leo March 1, 2017

      Leftist detected :D
      “It is somebody else’s fault I can’t have free stuff paid by somebody else”

    • You americans are greedy egomanias. That is why you can’t have anything nice.

  6. Go to Venezuela and tell me how that socialist thing worked out.

    • I can tell you how it works in Switzerland. Quite nicely, trust me.

    • Enjoy the 60% federal tax rate and having the gov’t tell you what to do. You have to be rich to own a car or your own home.

    • Own a home? Why?

    • The Good German February 28, 2017

      You have to get the banks rob it from you so Trump can build a Tower over it. It’s an american sport. No regulations. Freedom sports.

    • Really, Neurorotic? Quite nicely? Not so much, I hear. I know a very nice family from Switzerland that now live in the US. They HATED living in Switzerland, because, as they put it, “you can’t keep anything that you earn”. They hated the 60%+ tax rate. They hated the fact that you get taxed to support a church that no one attends, regardless of whether or not you are a member. They hated the fact that, unless you were lucky and got chosen to go to post-secondary school, you pretty much had to do the same job that your parents do, and your grandparents before them. Now they live in the US, own a trailer park in Florida, travel around the country in a large RV, and are quite pleased with their financial and personal success and with their adopted country.

  7. @neurologist
    Quit deluding yourself – nobody “trades” with Mexico. We simply import drugs and gangbangers (aka murderers) and in return they get….our money.
    As far as we’re concerned, China can have ’em. Makes no difference to us as China is already buying up our real estate.
    Oh, and BTW, you’re not a neurologist – you just like to be pretentious!

    • I know you Trumpeteers don’t like facts, but I’ll try anyway… In 2015 goods exported to Mexico totaled $236 billion; goods imported from Mexico totaled $295 billion.
      So… nobody “trades” with Mexico? Really? Huh…
      And yes, China will buy you and your production facilities. Tables will turn faster than you can say “bigly”. In their eyes you already are third world country with cheap workforce.
      Oh, and BTW… I’m a neurologist. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • What’s it feel like to rub those two neurons together? Do they get warm and toasty?

    • Wouldn’t know… ask your ganglion.

  8. ‘MUHRICA! Home of the brave, land of the free. Free to slave away at a shit job for shit pay… if you’re lucky. Free to blame liberals, blacks, Mexicans, ANYONE but yourself or your overlords for the shit state of your life. Free to mock ideas of fundamental human decency as unamerican. Free to die broke and bitter, with no real healthcare or social safety net. Free to vote against your own self interest, electing people dedicated to screwing you over harder than ever before. Free to be a global laughingstock – a once great nation disappearing up its own *******. The ‘Muhrican dream, long may it live.

    • I’m sorry for you that you picked political science as a major. I’m sorry your a black identifies as white transitioning with a bisexual option, I’m sorry pot is so expensive, I’m sorry the state didn’t give you a full ride scholarship, now, I’ll have fries with that.

    • Neurologist March 1, 2017

      @trog: That “I’ll have fries with that” thing was funny in the 90’s. You need new material.

    • @Neurotic: Nah, it’s still funny. What’s funny is those that STILL think that socialism works. It just f*&^%ng doesn’t.

  9. Xanithar Proctin March 6, 2017

    A math major should have been able to figure this out. What the heck do math majors do after graduation anyway>?

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