Hipster Extremists



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  1. these are worse than stick figures. Stick figures should be burned to the ground. Just sayin’.

  2. Grandpa’s in pic 8 and 9 are actually pretty cool!

  3. damn them for making our world a bit more diverse!
    …and each one of them looks way more interesting than the jeans and t-shirt / suit wearing masses

  4. Haha the hipster trap was realy funny

  5. Ha so funny I like the hipster trap if only true I could catch myself a hipster

  6. No changes there after 8 years.

  7. I`m not sure, but picture #9 looks a lot like Hunter S. Thompson in his later years (Hipster? Not really). He carried around his typewriter and fax machine, so he could send all kinds of weird, incomprehensible stuff to papers and magazines right on deadline from anywhere, driving them crazy. Requiescat in pace.

  8. very few actually look cool. old-timey dudes with beards.
    And one looks actually classy – orange vest with a suitcase.
    rest are awful.

  9. Only one word can describe these photos: douchebag

  10. I can’t tell hipsters from amish people

  11. WOW, so provoking! *yawn* Just rediculous. Individualists wearing uniforms. It’s always the same. Who cares? Bring something funny.

  12. Total morons, not hipsters!

  13. andyinthesmoke November 30, 2014

    What hipsters don’t seem to realise is that the more effort they put into looking cool and edgy, the less cool and more conformist they look. True cool is about doing what you want and not giving a ****. It’s not about going to these extreme lengths to out-do everybody else, to the point where you look ridiculous.

  14. The dog is the only one I would hang with, the rest can go be obnoxious elsewhere. Also, in what universe would someone pay $98 for a tree stump? If you’re dumb enough to pay that for a hunk of timber, then your naive *** deserves to get swindled.

  15. A hipster, fresh off an occupy protest once asked me while I was passing a lunch truck to buy him a burger and he would split it with me. Gave him the finger. Kept walking.

    • You should have bought a burger, eaten half and then threw it in the trash in front of him. Hipster justice.

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