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  1. Kauf Buch, we need your opinion on this. Elaborate.

  2. It’s funny because it’s true.

  3. Where is the one of Donalds Trump teaching young kids how to evade taxes?

  4. It’s funny, because it makes Liberals shit bricks, and Donald Trump needs inexpensive bricks if he is going to get Mexicans to pay for building that wall.

    • Donald Trump never had to pay for anything. He just spends other peoples money. Next on the list: the american tax payer.

    • @Fryd I envy you, because I used to be like you…being able to keep a simple mind and buy everything that the media spoonfeeds to you. One day something will help you realize drinking their koolaid might not be helping you or those you love.

    • @JellyBean I don’t care if you like me. Looking for friends? Wrong address.

  5. Bubba and Joe Bob December 29, 2016

    Must be an old pitcher ’cause look at them computers. Oh, and BTW, look at the lady. She looks like she’s maybe 30 years old. Yep! Old pitcher.

  6. More likely, she teaches them how to cheat. The photo seems to have been taken shortly after she was fired for fraud by the Watergate Commission.

  7. I knew you would! You are too easy.

  8. I’m done with this site. Stay out of politics

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