Hilarious Photoshop Trolling


James Fridman has taken Photoshop trolling to a whole new level…


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  1. Castillion March 26, 2016

    Why do people ask this moron for help if they know he’s a piss-taking ****?

  2. MasteJudge March 26, 2016

    he’s a piss-talking ***** (5 star) not **** (4 star).

  3. Chickenfried Lobster March 28, 2016

    That walmart is in Canada though.

  4. Because people are STOO-PID. If they are ignorant enough to spell ANGEL as ANGLE, and DESERT as DESSERT, and never once re-read what they just wrote to see if it even makes sense,….I say screw with their stupid duck faced photos.

  5. @Chickenfried Lobster and that beach is in Ukrain/Crimea

  6. what is.the name of the application that was used here?

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