Students Who Totally Nailed Decorating Their Graduation Caps



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  1. Stupid Americans have to pay for their education.

  2. Salzigtal June 9, 2018

    Stupid Americans don’t pay for or continue their education past high school.

  3. Paul Frazer June 9, 2018

    Stupid Americans live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. Not so stupid huh.

    • Is it? Really? Looking back the last couple of years…I am really not sure, that it is the greatest. Switzerland, Denmark and a couple more do look greater.

  4. Paul Frazer June 11, 2018

    Europe is gone sadly. You can go to jail over a Facebook post. Their culture is being swiftly replaced by Shira. Here in the US we still have hope. Our costal cities are politically mad but we might just make it. Europe will not.

    • You mean Sharia. You guys live under the puritan Sharia since your first settlers set foot on the indians’ lands.
      There is no Sharia in Europe. People would oppose it. People do oppose it. Europe is much more tolerant and free than the U.S.
      You won’t get to jail for a Facebook post. But you will get charged if you insult or slander somebody on Facebook. Or make a plea for a crime, deny the Holocaust or post child porn. All what you Americans are so fond of and call free speech.
      All you have is false proud, fake facts and news and a history of lies. Not even your president is real. A russian puppet that didn’t even get the majority of the votes.
      So sad.

  5. Paul frazer June 12, 2018

    you sir are a liar. You have no go zones, you have sharia courts, you have grooming gangs and women afraid to walk the streets because of rape and you have no free speech. Be happy, soon Europe will be a shit hole country just like your home. Your winning. But not here.

    • Europe is not a country xD Talk about education.
      I guess you are from the USA, aren’t you?

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