15 Funny Doormats That Will Make You Look Twice



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  1. Where can I get one to send away black people, jews and liberal snowflakes?

    • Smarter than you August 27, 2017

      at your local KKK store *******

    • NOT me.

    • You are slipping, Kauf, you forgot muslims and Asians. Don’t be a half-assed racist hatemonger now.

    • That’s how leftists act: think different and they will fake your name to look like you’re racist.

    • TO Hein
      These Leftist turds here are a joke; it’s not the first time they did it.
      If they have their jollies that way, that speaks volumes about them.

    • Boohoo. How many times have you faked me? Posting provoking comments and then claiming to be the victim of faking is a typical strategy out of the handbook of right winged populists.
      Let us guess: Leftists just attacked you and you are forced to shoot back at 9 o’clock.

    • I, too, have had my EA ID stolen by one of the RWNJ/MRAs who haunt this site.
      And a question for said RWNJs. Do any of you have enough self-awareness to be embarrassed enough by Trump that you are inclined to distance yourself from him politically?

    • Trump is the best president the U.S.A had in their entire history. He’ll do great things once the opposition is neutralized.

    • To fake Hein: neutralized I wouldn’t say, but neutered would be a good start :D

    • THIS was fake. That was not written by me!!!

  2. I want the Rocky Horror one!

  3. PatronusKitty7 September 3, 2017

    I actually have the “For whom the dog barks one.” Whenever my mother visits she laughs really hard

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