Funniest Beards from 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship


Featured below are the funniest and most unusual entries from the semi-annual competition that has turned growing and grooming into a high-class art form, and the 2017 edition just wrapped up in Austin, Texas. Photos by Greg Anderson.


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  1. Curiositykilledthedog September 9, 2017

    Face fungus is disgusting. These pics are my idea of hell.

  2. Curiositykilledthedog September 9, 2017

    Beards are sponges for old food, snot, cigarette smoke and spit…disgusting….

    • Some Guy Somewhere September 9, 2017

      I take exception. I am a bearded man and keeps my beard clean. There is no food, old or fresh, or snot. I am a non-smoker, nor do I chew tobacco so no spit or smoke. There is on a regular basis the delicate odor of a woman’s personal fragrances (if you know what I mean) that lasts until the morning after. Disgusting is the superior attitude of men who can not grow a beard and complain about those who do. Now, if you should happen to be a woman, and your experiences lead you to believe all beards are as you described, you’ve been running with the wrong men.

  3. There were some interesting variations from standard hipster beards. Horribly unwieldy, but different — I kind of liked them as an art.

  4. Arrrrr…right. Oh, well, how about: “All bearded men are gay!”? Nothing wrong being gay, but would that be confrontal enough? Or, as controversially put: “All bearded men a straight!”? That probably offends some “bears”!

    Any way, I shake my fist up in the air… “Damn, damn, damn! I’m jolly angry!” *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

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