Belgian Health Minister Maggie De Block



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  1. But you don’t know why she’s a block. Maybe it’s a result of other health issues.
    This is just lame fat shaming.

    • “Fat shaming” = Leftist delusional “ideology” which encourages women [TRIGGER! I chose a GENDER!] to die early from diabetic and coronary illnesses.

      Why does zumanga hate women so much?!?

    • I only dislike fat Kauf Buch.

  2. As long as she’s eating up the muslim terrorists, I don’t see the problem.

  3. The old man on the mountain Alamut November 25, 2017

    We have a crazy toddler in constant tantrum as American president, his blonde purse designer daughter as the queen of the US, a confused headteacher as British prime minister with the cast of a Victorian parlour show as her parliament – so nothing surprises me anymore. A bag of flour as minister of agriculture – why not? A library desk as minister of education – well at least he has seen more books than many his colleagues.

  4. Her future aspiration is to become a country.

  5. Belgium is not a country.

    • Really. Are you too stupid or ignorant to look at a map?

    • The old man on the mountain Alamut November 27, 2017

      Oh my God! The next thing you tell me is that Hercule Poirot is not real either!

    • Yes it most certainly is. It has the most beer brands than any other country on the planet. Belgians know how to live.

    • It’s as much a country as you are a dissapointment to your family.

  6. At least Belgium has a health minister. Who cares what she looks like?

    • No state needs a health minister.It doesn’t make any sense.the state’s job is to provide territorial safety and basic services like electricity and water. What is a health minister going to do except decide how free money is being wasted.

  7. I’m from Belgium, and I just wanna point out that she’s actually one of the best rated Ministers of Health to date here. I actually find that she’s doing a rather good job, despite her weight. And I’m not trying to discourage jokes about her. We do it all the time. I mean, what do you expect from the first country to let a whale into the parliament?

    • Just did a quick check, turns out she was actually the single most popular politician in Belgium in 2015

  8. bruh she eats all the unhealthy food for her country WHAT A HERO

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