The Healing Power of Crystals



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  1. Gwyneth is not amused.

  2. They don’t do shit? The geologist in me thinks that they do look great!

  3. I disagree. I have malachite crystals from outside a copper mine in Alaska and a mine in Arizona. When I see the malachite from Alaska I think about my vacation there and when I look at the malachite from Arizona I think about my vacation there and I feel warmer.

  4. Of course these don’t do shit. The only one that does is natural Coprolite.

  5. The Logical Psycho February 4, 2017

    Crystal Meth.
    Don’t do that shit!

  6. Let’s add the metal copper into the mix, ‘cuz it doesn’t do shit either.

  7. I had an huge chunk of rose quartz in my bedroom for years, given to me as a gift by an holistic shop owner and I can confirm that actually they don’t do shit.

  8. The Obsidian is very effective at removing White Walkers

  9. I kept scrolling down hoping one of them would do shit.

  10. Bob the chemist September 15, 2018

    Do a panel on Na.

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