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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob March 13, 2016

    Joe Bob here… Bubba wants to know why Jesus always looks so well dressed and groomed. Were’n he livnin’ back before bathing and combs?

    • Tell Bubba that it’s miracle-hair – it combs itself.

  2. White blond male child at same level as Jesus, female children just a step below, black child down low. How very subtle.

    • Billy Bong Thornton March 13, 2016

      Look at him down there trying to slip his hands in the robe to rob him! Jesus grabbed his hands and caught him though, it was close.

    • Mind = blown
      It’s funny because it’s true

    • The irony is Jesus was a hebrew. If a man of that name and time existed, he wouldn’t look like that…

    • Mope, that does not reflect the true nature of Jesus. Jesus was actually Jewish, probably Middle Eastern, and exposed to every nationality and race. He mixed with Africans, Italians, Romans and all types equally. In fact, if you believe in evolution, then you believe humans are different. In contrast, The Jewish scriptures always exhorted them to love refugees and migrants. Paul states in the New Testament that all are equal in God’s family. We know that colour variations only occur as a result of a pigment called ‘melanin’ in the skin.

    • You’re a bigot.

  3. I just watched the latest episode of the walking dead.
    That Jesus is most definitely Rick Grimes

  4. This is actually a very immature statement – ‘love me or be tortured forever’. It shows a misunderstanding of free will. God does everything He can to look after humans, however we gives us the choice to love Him for the duration of our lifetime. If we distance ourselves from Him, and choose to ignore Him, He then yields to our decision and allows us to be away from His presence in eternity. The only OTHER alternative to stay apart from God is with Satan and the rebel angels. This is a so-called place of darkness, as the opposite of light, love and mercy is darkness, hatred and cruelty. So…. it is not God who does this. It is the world of rebellion, pride and cruelty administered by Satan – the one who tempted the original humans in the first place.

    • And how, exactly, was your “mature” statement anything but a long-winded way of saying you have the choice of either loving him or being tortured forever? Get over yourself and stop pretending that a lack of a choice is a choice because you can choose to lose.

    • “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” Epicurus

  5. Love requires a choice. There are two sides in the universe, according to the Bible. If you choose Jesus, you choose love, life and light. Satan is the other choice. Hell is merely the opposite of God’s qualities. Hence it contains the absence of love, life, and light. But God showers us with his blessing for a lifetime – the choice is ours to love him or not. Free will is the essence of love.

  6. He who made us gave up his glory in heaven to be made flesh, Yahshuah then gave his life for us to be forgiven our sins, and yet allows those he gave his life for to reject him via the gift of free will. You choose your destiny.

    • A nice little tale you tell yourself to make yourself important. How cute.

    • so easy to be a nonbeliever…and so hard to believe……go ahead and laugh and make fun of us believers…..have your laugh……just remember, there is always time to repent….

  7. JimJungleSir July 10, 2016

    Philosophy is the love of truth.
    Logic is a system for determining truth.
    If an argument strays in any way from seeking truth,
    it is therefore neither logic nor philosophy.

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