The Hilariously Awkward Haircuts of Old Christian Album Covers



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  1. Weird hairstyles for weird people. Fits.

  2. Hairdos are particular to an era. Has nothing to do with Christian singing groups. But Christian-hating EatLiver wouldn’t know that.

    Where are the funny Muslim memes? What are you guys, gay?

    • What’s wrong with being gay?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter January 21, 2018

      Maybe Muslims aren’t funny. Just plain boring.
      Had a book of an muslim creationist in my mailbox today Adna Oktar. Total bullshit from a scientific point of view. The author is known for having schizophrenia, drug abuse, spend some time in jail for organized crime and and doesn’t understand anything of that what he’s writing about as he isn’t qualified in any way. The antidarwinistic hero of the islamists. And best friend with american creattionists. Pathetic lunatics.

    • Some muslims look terrifying don’t know when they are going to snap

    • Why Christianity is dying, reason #438: These hair styles.

      Why Christianity is dying, reason #439: JN.

    • you can’t really see their hair under the head dresses can ya?

    • static shock January 22, 2018

      That’s why they don’t wear jeans women shouldn’t have bulges . That sht ain’t gangster

  3. plague ratt January 21, 2018

    I like to goggle them and read about is acknowledging their existence christian hating?

    I have imaginary friends too

  4. Abominations

  5. Hilarious is not the right word. Cringy is more convenient

  6. A Really Old Guy January 22, 2018

    Even if the women shown here had hair styles more fitting of today, they would still look odd. So sez me a bald, fat man with ratty beard.

  7. Goober the not Funny January 22, 2018

    I fart in your General Direction, Losers

  8. Run! There's bees in their hair! January 22, 2018

    All wimmenz do up their hair and put on makeup, some are just better at it. No fixen up at all will scare the bejesus out of ya.

  9. Mohammad was a Pedo January 23, 2018

    Still waiting on funny Muslim Memes, you pussy.
    What are you, racist AND Gay?

  10. Those are Pentacostal women, that’s why they have the hairdo’s and the no makeup. Those are the only Christian based faith that does that and I don’t think they are still that extreme.

  11. I dont understand how they have enough Hair to make tvose bigaas things on top of their heads

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