Miserable Creatures Trapped In The Shopping Hell




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  1. Although I am a woman, I totally know the feeling.

    • How?

    • I usually do clothes shopping only once a year or so, but I do it big time (nice budget – I consider it a necessary investment, like buying furniture). For the rest of the year, if I make the mistake of going into a shopping mall I feel like I am lost in the most pointless and endless place in town. Most of the time I would find myself a seat and hope in my desperation for a taxi to pass by and take me home (it never happens).

    • LIES!!! YOU’RE A MAN!!!

    • Neah, last time I checked I was still a woman. And if you must know, I have smashing looks too.

    • javi, marry me!!!

    • Hm. Some 3 years ago I went to Middle East on a holiday and there I got quite a few marriage proposals. On that occasion I learned to be a fierce negotiator. So: how many goats and how many camels do you have?

    • Ummm… sorry I changed my mind… You should merry me for my heart, not my 120 camels… you gold-digger!

    • The Lone Wonderer September 12, 2014

      How about 2 chocolate camels covered with marshmellows standing in a Baileys fountain while we watch >insert romcom here< and I just smile and hold you while you eat the festive meal?

    • While processing your offer, Error 83w73kOh occurred. Please try again later.

    • Additional information on Error 83w73kOh:
      First and last time when I saw and used a chocolate fountain was last year in Shanghai (while on vacation). I spent sometime studying the device from different angles, trying to figure out why the fascination of humans with it. After much thought I concluded that I could not find any plausible reason for fascination, therefore I declared myself chocolate fountain agnostic. It might be because I don’t like chocolate?
      However, my faith in human fascination can be restored, because I like marshmallows.

    • The Lone Wonderer September 16, 2014

      javi… I never spoke of a chocolate fountain, so thanks! :P

  2. You have brought shame and dishonor upon the males of our species, and disgrace and ridicule to yourselves. Woe are you.

  3. The Lone Wonderer September 12, 2014

    Ha! I´m a man, but I pretty much do exactly the same thing. Except not for the taxi tho, I usually have to find another means of transportation. Usually car, motorcycle or bike. Hate shopping. Well no. I hate the idea of buying synthetic happiness, which is what it´s all about nowadays…

  4. **** shopping! Go in, get the stuff, get out! 5 minutes tops!

  5. I work retail and it is all nothing but women buying clothing. They have nothing better to do. Catch a game at Yankee Stadium? Write a book? Go for a walk? Work for a charity? No way! “Let’s buy more clothes!”

    • Your name is ZZBottom and you work retail. My hero.

    • I suppose you’re so above all that. Exactly how many hours do you put in at the local charities? And how many books have you written? FYI, there’s no difference between spending money on overpriced sporting events or spending it on a pair of shoes. They’re both equally frivolous and unnecessary. Also, thanks for perpetuating a sexist stereotype. THAT never gets old.

  6. He man women haters club September 13, 2014

    ( let them go shopping together and we watch FOOTBALL or football it doesn’t matter)

    • I thought this was about criticizing an awful habit, not about compensating with another awful habit.

  7. Thats happens to you ’cause u live in wealthy countrys and have relationships with people who can spend money in things (or get in debt xD). I live under a bridge in Santiago of Chile, my gf lives under another bridge and we just buy stuffs in street, no useless shopping time in our relationship.
    Deal with it

  8. I hate dat moment… Specialy when rushing to smwhr

  9. I’m a young woman and I hate shopping. It’s not so much the act of shopping as it is the people. I hate crowds, parents who don’t watch their obnoxious kids, and rude clerks. I would just as soon do any shopping I needed to do online or at the smaller, local stores in my area. (I live in a really small town with only about 10 different stores, a gas station, and a post office. The closet biggish cities are Mobile, Alabama and Pascagoula, Biloxi or Gulfport Missssippi, none of which are closer than 45 minutes away.) And this time of year is just the worst. I abhor Christmas shopping. >.<

  10. Im a woman in my 30s and i cant stand shopping, if i go shopping its for groceries and home necessities, my fiance does my clothes shopping and she is in a store for hours im like my feet hurt and im ready to go..lol

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