Flawless Logic



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  1. *Cannot display name* March 22, 2018

    I can’t post comments help

  2. Liberals don’t know the meaning of logic skip ahead

    • Logic and conservative
      It’s like milk and acid

    • Fake chemistry March 24, 2018

      @Liberal you don’t know the concept of acid, do you? Milk is acid, as its pH is below 7.

  3. Another lame example of NRA fake logic. Credit cards don’t work like guns. Morons.

    • Jebediah Kermin March 22, 2018

      But turning in your copy of a thing that some else uses to do wrong does nothing towards helping the problem

    • Oh, it does. But you need a brain for that. Unfortunately there are more guns than brains in the US.

    • You notice I’m a liberal when I failed to reply why it makes difference but stated my higher moral ground anyway.

    • Hello fake Dat. I can’t be a liberal. I’m not an American. In contrast of what the usual US citizen thinks… no, thinks to know… or believes… the rest of the world isn’t black and white. Other countries have more colorfull politics. Not like the two-party-dictatorship in the US.

    • @Dat If you are so smart then please explain in detail how turning in your copy of a thing will help the problem.

    • Your question doesn’t make sense. Why did you pay for your gun if it’s a copy? Why not buy the original?

    • Mr M J Shaw April 10, 2018

      Too ******* right.

  4. @Jebediah Kermin

    An impressive demonstration of flawed logic… and I bet you weren’t even trying.

  5. “Credit cards are made for purchasing things, and guns are made for killing people. There’s no difference!”

    Yeah, flawless logic.

    • I could explain why you’re wrong, but your brain would melt

    • Straight Shooter March 23, 2018

      My guns haven’t killed anybody.

    • Yet…

    • @Dattus As I requested from Dat above, if you are so smart then please explain in detail how turning in your copy of a thing will help the problem.

    • BigR, the gun debate can be made with logic or emotion. The emotional argument can rarely be defended when logic is applied. This is why Dat or Dattus or whoever will not respond to your question and will instead make some comment about how you’re not intelligent enough to understand their superior “logic”.

    • Stop drugs by doing more drugs. Will work with guns too.

    • eon: Bingo

  6. Funny how when we banned hand grenades, a huge black market for hand grenades opened up and now we have hand grenade attacks every OH WAIT THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

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