My Generation Will Start a Revolution!


Revolution: expectations vs. reality.


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  1. Her generation also hasn’t started a stupid war yet.

    • My thoughts exactly!

      And, with those Dutch wooden shoes, yeah, mowing the lawn is exactly what you would do wearing them, not fighting.

    • German Machine Gun October 2, 2019

      True, Klompen (NL) or Klotschen (DE) are actually work safety shoes of old.

    • Not yet…

  2. His generation can’t even open a PDF.

    • NotLikeThis October 2, 2019

      Is that an accomplishment in your mind? Your entire contribution is double clicking a mouse and something happens. You see PDF. amazing

    • You’re right, those people are pretty dumb if they can’t click a mouse to open a PDF.

  3. The WWII people are also all dead. Are Boomers claiming that they fought in WWII?

    • “According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, around 496,777 American veterans from the war were estimated to still be alive in September 2018.[1]”

      Not all WW2 vets are dead. Not just yet. And I hope they’ve lived a full and peaceful life after their return.

    • They are dead inside.

  4. Well, on one hand yes. On the other Hand, in this case, we will find a way to start a revolution without lawn mowers. But thanks for the input.

    • The infamous PanzerRasenmäher mk1 75 cc that started WW2. It’s a sordid story…

  5. The people complaining about the milleniels the most are the boomers who raised them and are even more entitled than they are. It’s no surprise they don’t give a damn about anything going right now since they’ll all be dead in 30 years.

    • Those damn boomers had all the benefits and minimal effort.

    • Note on generations –
      The boomers raised Gen X.
      Gen-X looks to be responsible for millennials. Pretty sure no boomer was having kids in the 80 & 90s

      Also, this is a kid. They are Gen Z Not a millennial. Millennials are starting to turn 30.

    • GenX isn’t responsible for millennials unless we were having kids when we were 10

    • … or 20 or 30. Go look it up. Gen X starts about 1960. Perfect timing for kids in the 80s and 90s
      Looking it up I realized it IS possible that a boomer born in the late 50s had one though.

    • 1960? Gen X started in 1965 – up to 1980…. don’t know where you got 1960…. Boomers are trying to pass their trash onto Gen X

    • I did this thing where I googled it and it said gen X started at 1960. Looks like another chart says ’65. Either way, I’m gen X, I can work the google and do the math. Someone born in ’65 could easily be having kids in the ’85-’95 range.

      Anyway, at least we all agree on the original point. – She’s not a millennial, she’s gen Z. Depending on your definition, they started being born about ’95 or so.

  6. Came for the comments from offended soy-infused SJWs.

    Was not disappointed.

  7. Darn ol liberals sure get offended when the jokes pointed at them

  8. Her generation won’t want to start a lawnmower, unless it’s an electric one.

    • Invisible bread October 3, 2019

      An electric lawnmower? Use a manual one like I when I was young. No need to ‘start’ anything up, just push it

    • Generally OK, except if you have a really hilly and bumpy lawn. Then they donn’t really work.

  9. Children of the Corn... Bob October 3, 2019

    I would pay for a “how dare you” ring tone for my phone, ’cause that just don’t stop being funny.

  10. Lawnmowers destroyed her childhood, how dare they!
    It is not nice to make fun of the mentally ill.

    • Autism is no illness. Ilness can be healed. It’s a disorder. And most with asperger’s are much more intelligent than a bunch of retards together. Though you don’t have to be a savant to achieve that. Most neurotypical people can score easily against a rightard.

  11. Anthony Fremont October 3, 2019

    I think I could be friends with Greta

    • so you want to be friends with a retarded mute? cool. you must be one hell of a boring person

    • The bet is on. October 5, 2019

      I bet 1.000$ her IQ is higher than yours, rightard.

  12. Invisible bread October 3, 2019

    It’s the best way to deal with problems right? All problems go away once you start making fun of those who point them out

    • NPC: Orange man bad

    • Orange man thinks all problems go away by calling them fake news.

    • Bingo ! – at least somebody gets it.

      Instead of talking about how the last 4 years are the hottest on record…. or maybe even accepting reality or talking about maybe possibly doing something about it, we’re making fun of kids.

      I guess ant-vax folks must make fun of doctors, and flat earthers insult scientists. Anything to avoid the facts.

    • Out of the musical "Wicket" October 3, 2019

      “Life’s more painless for the brainless.”

  13. Come on guys, don’t be so harsh. The Democratic Socialists of America managed to hold a convention in Atlanta… kind of 😂

    • Ha…, you kind of made a joke. Good luck next time. Kind of.

  14. Why would they want to start a (gas operated) lawnmower?

  15. Watching from Above October 3, 2019

    Awww, a generation clash! How cute.

  16. Muffler Man October 3, 2019

    A revolution? Her generation can’t even start a manual transmission car.

    • yeah, I heard they don’t even know how to hit return on an old typewriter or use a rotary phone either.

      So useless and lazy. They don’t even bother to learn about the things they don’t have.

    • She’s European. Lots of manual transmission there. It’s lazy Americans with automatic.

  17. Greta is a saint! How dare you destroy her childhood!

  18. I hope her generation solves all the world’s problems while they are all still young enough to know everything!

    • Agree. This OCD kid is about as obnoxious as antifa, white supremacists, fundamentalist Christians, militant Islam and telemarketers.

    • Sure the British said the same about Ghandi. And slave holders about the north.

  19. children are off limits. specially children trying to DO’d rather she sits in a McDonalds all day and becomes another brain dead blob of a kid?

  20. If your offended, that’s your problem

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