They’ve Had It So Easy



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  1. Cox-a-'slodin November 7, 2017

    It’s true! The circumstances of your birth have no bearing your opportunities in life. This meme proves it!

  2. “Trump is gonna get rid of all them darkies an’ make us all millionaires.”

    • Find some other excuse to attack Trump. You can victimized yourself instead of us people of color.
      Or maybe you really think POC are inferior and you have the right to dictate how we behave in politics, all in the name of equality?

    • Just Sayin' November 8, 2017

      @Hein: Oh, bless your heart.

    • Democrats never got over they lost the Civil War and slavery, so they invented a new way to control non whites: they instigate fear on minorities and then they say they’re the only salvation to avoid POC genocide.
      If you decide to use your freedom to support a different political view, they call you sold out and start to be the racist they claim they would be protecting you from otherwise. Black conservatives are by far the most attacked persons by libs.

    • @Hein: Everyone should read this, keeping in mind that Thomas Sowell is black:

    • @BigR amen! Victimization of black/latino communities is indeed preventing those communities from improving. Indians (the ones from Asia) are quite dark skinned and they’re doing pretty well in the USA.

    • Hein: So, given that A) people of color & especially African Americans generally support liberals & the Democratic Party 80-90% of the time, and B) conservative Republicans advocate police officers murdering innocent African Americans (see the RW reaction to the protests by NFL players) – your **BEST** argument is that people of color should suck it up, accept their second-class status, and vote for the same rich RW fascists that subjugate them & treat them as less-than human. You think they should be just as stupid as their white counterparts have been.

    • @Zelda: Did you even read the article? Or are you just sore that it was written by a black man?

      Wow, talk about putting words in someone’s mouth. “Doing pretty well in the USA:” means the Indians come to the US and work to better themselves by working hard instead of relying on government handouts. Further, please provide a study showing “conservative Republicans (or anyone else for that matter) advocate police officers murdering innocent African Americans”.

    • @Zelda is trying to use her white “privilege” to tell me who I should vote to because I’m a person of color. Zelda is a racist person because she thinks all ppl of color think alike and act alike and she is guilt about that, so she tries to disguise her bias as just an “effort to protect me from a racist world”.
      Sorry Zelda, every time you open your mouth to tell a person of color how she/he should think, act, feel, you’re being racist. Do you know how many time I’ve been discriminated by a conservative person in the USA? A big 0 times, they usually tell I don’t give a crap about your color and I won’t support privileges based on that, which is exactly what I believe too.

    • End of slavery was not the end of the problem, it was just the beginning. From Jim Crow laws way to Rosa Parks, and it hasn’t ended there. “Hein” pretends to be a POC so he can speak for all POC? Gimme a break.

    • There it goes another one trying to impersonate all POC. I’m not trying to speak on behalf of all POC, you are, Zelda is. Re-read my comments and you’ll see me saying POC do not think alike, do not feel alike. Skin color means nothing to political view and any POC is free to have its own.
      FWIW end of slavery was one step towards equality, and the Civil rights reform on 65 was the most important one. I’m an immigrant (LEGAL) of color and I have a life way better than the average white men, simply by my own efforts towards my education.
      So I say again: go victimize yourself and let me out of it. Just like you said, no own has the rights to talk on behalf of all POC, not even you.

      For @Zelda. Tell me one thing: do you think those young spoiled millionaire kneelers are victims? They are among the athletes with highest income of the world, they are worshiped by theirs fans, black and white fans. They are just told by their older relatives how racism was and they assume it still is but they don’t realize now they are part of the 1%, they are indeed part of the elite that rules this country. Sorry, you can’t be a victim anymore once you go 1%, can you?

  3. Yep, more Stormfront post! My last visit to this worthless pile of pig stench.

    • The EatLiver dude is confusing. Hates women and people of colour, but also guns and Trump. Don’t really know what to make of it all.

    • @Rattus
      My guess is you are the Landlord, girl friend of the Landlord, boyfriend of the Landlord?

    • I am a land owner, but not a laird of any sort.

    • SJWs become desperate when someone mentions ‘white’ without a bad adjective or at least without patronizing POCs.

      “It’s OK to be white” ;)

    • Yeah, because a poor white family totally means white supremacy doesn’t exist. Stupidity at it’s finest.

    • “Stupidity at it’s finest.” Such irony. Oh…and the rest of the post as well but that in particular.

    • @concerned no one is saying white supremacy doesn’t exist, but a poor white family suffers and struggles too and their lives are not easier because a white racist person exists somewhere else. We won’t be able to combat racism by being anti-white. We fight racism by treating everybody equally, being that person of color or not.

  4. Ironically enough, the lady in the picture was a Cherokee, her name was Florence Owens Thompson.

  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but black folks at the time WISHED they were as well-off that this woman.

  6. Stick there fantasizing mamma, and we’ll never improve our lot.

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