2018 vs. 2090



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  1. Kauf bitch on the right

  2. As if that dude would procreate

    • I think there is a female version out there. So, yes, they can combine genes.
      On the other hand, there were always times people would wear strange things and use makeup. Men and women.

    • How dare you assume their gender saying there is a female version (as if this version could be female too)? They’re non binary, quit this oppressive terms male/female.

  3. It occurred to me that the great dystopians of yesteryear never even contemplated de-genderification. They knew they had to look alike, but never even imagined people would physically change themselves with out government intervention on purpose.

  4. PoultryInMotion February 9, 2018

    Has this site just become a pure trolling site now?

  5. Understanding that women are entitled to the same rights as men, and their need to feel empowered and to be successful in life. I honestly think that they should not forget and never get disconnected with their feminine side. There is a warmth and a tenderness in that femininity that turns everyone head over heels. And the vulnerability that comes with it does not compete with equality or success! Just my opinion.

    • Unfortunately, my experience and that of every woman I know is that if a woman displays vulnerability, there will be at least one man in the vicinity who will try to take advantage of that vulnerability. I really did not like having to be put in the position of having to punch a manager in the stomach, but rest assured, the sight of him gagging and heaving did prevent anyone else from trying to stick their tongue down my throat in the office.

    • I understand what you mean. And I agree, you have to set your boundaries firmly to protect yourself. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that being vulnerable is the same as being weak. That vulnerability with the right set of boundaries is one of the biggest asset women have, it connects you easily with intuition and sensitivity. But if you only want to feel powerful and safe all the time that’s another story. I guess it depends on what you find relevant in life!

    • Saying women and men are the same is the big lie of the 21st. And for that I’m saying feminine/masculine brain, not appearance.
      The most classical difference is women is more emotive and sensitive. And that’s not a weakness, in fact it makes women more capable of doing work that requires interpersonal relations, while men is in general more OK with doing lonely jobs.
      Or, if we’re talking about couple relations, women passes through emotional phase to make love after, men passes through sex phase to feel connected later.

    • Understandable.
      We can choose to live with security, but sadly that is always based on fear and resentment. Or to live with forgiveness and freedom, regardless of what we’ve been through.

    • @Nicolás, you may be responding to a post I made that seems to have been deleted. Rest assured, I am not fearful or resentful. I bear no animosity to men as the greater number of them are, at a minimum, reasonably decent. However, I’m the sort of person who amends behaviour once I go through a situation I don’t care for (got pickpocketed in New York – wallet is now on a chain), so vulnerability is just not something I care to project.

  6. “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Timothy Francis Leary

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