Modern Education



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  1. perfect Trump voters. The future subjects of Donald I., King of America.

    • Do you realize you sound as ridiculous as the conservatives when they said the exact same thing about Obama?

    • Who cares? I commented first. I win.

    • You’re racist

    • You are right. Haha is indeed racist. Maybe more than you.

    • Haha, that’s funny. And just what in my post was racist?

    • Don’t know. Whenever someone calls another racist, it becomes true until that person proves wrong, daily, for the rest of his/her life.

    • Kauf buch March 4, 2018

      Dat this may be the first time I have agreed with you

  2. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 3, 2018

    Speak for yourself.

  3. Smells like inferiority complex. Well, whatever makes you feel better about not getting educated, I guess.

  4. This image is a shout-out for all those crack addict impersonators

  5. gobsmacked scientist March 3, 2018

    And what is wrong with following orders and repeating what is told? This is how the world works, even on smaller scale, this is called group effort, many people working towards a single goal. That is how achievements and progress are made.

    • Capitalist, monarchist, conformist, etc. lies to keep people under control.

    • I didn’t say that it’s the trolls

    • Gee, gobsmacked, did you forget about all the Germans who collaborated in the Holocaust? “Ve vere followink orders!” “We just repeated what they told us!” Good policy! Just follow any order you are given, just repeat what you are told! So easy! No need to think it out, others have done it for me! Is this your “science”, gobsmacked? Good job, buddy.

  6. In other news March 4, 2018

    Hillary still lost.

  7. Conservatives: Making people believe that ignorance & stupidity are virtues for 50 years.

    • Conservatives are too smart for me. I can’t follow their thoughts.

  8. College education produces a special kind of stupid now. Never thought I would bash education, but the crap that they are pushing now is beyond retarded. These kids have never experienced life on life’s terms. And no one is making them be responsible. The future will be chaos.

  9. I guess morons who flunked out at school need to convince themselves that they’re not morons…. unfortunately (for them) they are still morons

  10. Jorge Espinha February 13, 2020

    And there‚Äôs math which is the basis of scientific understanding, biology that gives us a glimpse of how life works , history and geography that make us understand where we came from, philosophy which tells us of our attempts to make sense of it all, and finally language that gives me a thing to butcher. Yep…education is awful.

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