Government is Stoopid!



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  1. I think this pic is a lie. Any circus would hire him.

    • Perhaps you meant carnival sideshow. If he likes to travel and can bite the heads off live chickens he’ll be employed. Playing tonsil hockey with the bearded lady could prove problematic.

  2. Anon's Mom April 16, 2014

    Gubment is ehvil!!!

  3. maybe thar began with a rhinitis problem

  4. Dick and Jane April 16, 2014

    He could get a government job, but he’s overqualified.

  5. Just Sayin' April 17, 2014

    All that work on piercings and tattoos and he’s still losing his hair.

    • What I’m tryna figure out is where did he find the money for that if he can’t find a job.

  6. Comrade Uberdouche April 17, 2014

    I see several openings already!

  7. Loves Rand Paul.

  8. I forgot how to breath.

  9. hypotetical April 18, 2014

    Sooo…why am I guilty for government being bad and producing this kind of idiots?

  10. I tol ya b4. Dead rock stars look like cadavers. Jezuz.

  11. actually, blames society for superficialness. They should give a shit about how he looks, if he does his job right.
    Same shit like not hiring a black person because maybe racists don’t want to be served by them -.-‘

  12. If I saw that walk in for an interview I’d grab the shotgun and shoot it. (I’d be doing the world a favour)

  13. Great oxygen intake though

  14. Some people have a great sense of esthetics.

  15. I would hate to be next to him when he sneezes

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