A Good Mother



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  1. American In Vienna July 15, 2017

    Why don’t you let that girl grow to be 18 and then let her choose a proper name?!

  2. My sisters dog’s name is Amy, too.

  3. My parents forgot my 13th birthday. True story.

    • Daddy Kauf July 15, 2017

      Sorry son, but as you know we have had a lot of things to care for since your bi*ch mom ran away with that Ibrahim from Syria.
      But it’s your 14th soon, I will take you out to the shooting range you can have a go with their MK 47.

  4. My parents forgot my 13th birthday. True story.

    • Lazier Than Thou July 15, 2017

      In my church, people are baptized when they’re 8 years old.
      My family forgot me at the church.

  5. Amy’s mother is a MILF.

  6. Cirrhosis July 15, 2017

    They’re models in a photo, that’s how the mix up happened.

  7. Kauf Buch July 15, 2017

    So…THAT’S how Zelda got the chip on her shoulder……

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