A Good Mother



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  1. American In Vienna July 15, 2017

    Why don’t you let that girl grow to be 18 and then let her choose a proper name?!

  2. My sisters dog’s name is Amy, too.

  3. My parents forgot my 13th birthday. True story.

    • Daddy Kauf July 15, 2017

      Sorry son, but as you know we have had a lot of things to care for since your bi*ch mom ran away with that Ibrahim from Syria.
      But it’s your 14th soon, I will take you out to the shooting range you can have a go with their MK 47.

  4. My parents forgot my 13th birthday. True story.

    • Lazier Than Thou July 15, 2017

      In my church, people are baptized when they’re 8 years old.
      My family forgot me at the church.

  5. Amy’s mother is a MILF.

  6. Cirrhosis July 15, 2017

    They’re models in a photo, that’s how the mix up happened.

  7. Kauf Buch July 15, 2017

    So…THAT’S how Zelda got the chip on her shoulder……

  8. Not As idiot as You all December 5, 2017

    well, I saw
    it is called rhinoceros.

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