God’s Wrath



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  1. The are no people on Jupiter… I but I understand the propaganda, you need it.

  2. Makes about as much sense as the church of Al Gore manmade global warming.

  3. California is look’n alot like Jupiter… just say’n…. but then so is Detroit… Saint Lewis…
    Is Jupiter run by Democrats?

  4. This correlation might actually be correct as both are becoming a bigger problem on this planet too.

  5. Pat Robertson August 18, 2014

    When God created Jupiter 5800 years ago, He knew that the gays would ruin it for everyone.

  6. well not anymore…

  7. If destructive weather is God’s Wrath, and more destructive weather occurs as more carbon pollution is released, does that mean oil and coal mining companies are really gay?

  8. Hadeed Mahamoud Rodriques Hiezenburg August 19, 2014

    Men are from Mars, women from Venus, he-she’s from Jupiter.

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