Why Don’t I Believe In God?



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  1. but…but… It is clearly written in the bible that god exist, get a brain moran!

  2. No that’s not Dylan Moran, that’s Bob Dylan.

  3. And here I was thinking it was Dylan Thomas.

  4. I admire the faith of folks who think we (life) came from nothing for no reason and with no designer.

    • I admire the faith of folds who think we (life) came from nothing for no reason because some magic thing that can’t be proven to exist willed it.

    • C’mon, everyone knows it was just some alien’s college thesis- to create a self- perpetuating life system that can survive using the conditions provided. And they got a B-.

    • jimmy rustled November 2, 2016

      I admire people who worship an all powerful god that can do anything it chooses but it chooses to let 3 million children starve to death every year

  5. A sense of purpose and a sense of security are two things a human being needs. For those people generally turn to religion or government, and some few to science.
    Religion provides both, but has often had a problem with manipulation by centralized authorities that crave worldly power. Also, charlatans have always loved playing pious to swindle people out of money, and the cynic says that’s all that there is to it. There’s more to it than that, but there’s always enough bad apples that they don’t have to search hard to find examples to justify their outlook. You can bypass a lot of the flaws by being a denomination of one.
    Science, as a product of human minds, is just as fallible and prone to corruption as organized religion. Enough money, cultivated groupthink, or political pressure and you can get your crackpot idea declared “settled science”, and everything else subjected to scorn and derision. Actual science says that any theory, no matter how widely cherished, can be put to the test and is always only ever one (repeatable) failed test from revision, but a creeping “scienceism” has largely replaced actual scientists with a priesthood protecting their cherished dogmas, the only difference being that this one wears lab coats.
    As many flaws as religion and science both have, Government is by far the worst. No matter what system, governance is power, and power will always attract self-serving individuals, who generally don’t care what miseries they inflict on others as long as they further their agendas. The purposes that government gives you will probably not be ethical, and the security it gives you will have strings attached, if it’s even real and not just a product of the propaganda machine.
    TL;DR? I guess Sartre was right. Hell is other people.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter October 30, 2016

      To compare Religion with Science. Nice try, Hellhound. We saw what you did there.

    • Ohgimmeabreak November 2, 2016

      “Science, as a product of human minds, is just as fallible and prone to corruption as organized religion. ”
      You clearly have NO idea whatsoever what science is. What’s following sounds a bit like Donald Drumpf would explain science. I bet Sartre had no idea how hellish the other people could be when the ranting village idiots would actually start colonizing the internet.

    • These people start believing in Science as a matter of faith instead of understanding. They are lied to by those with an agenda, told that things are scientific fact when they are barely theories.
      They then scold the rest of us for our sin of not believing. They have even started talking about “re-educating” the rest of us. We have to believe the “truth” or the planet will be destroyed.
      It seems organized religion is a natural part of human society, even when the population is not religious, they form religions of the “enlightened” and cast aspersions at the rest of us.

    • You can’t blame science for people who don’t understand it. You can also not really criticize it when you don’t know how it works. You can, however, believe any bullshit you want, including that science has become a system of belief.

  6. It’s the landing part I need to work on.

  7. Trunkmonkey October 31, 2016

    As an agnost, I recognize that the possibility exists that you really could fly, Ricky.
    Wether it’s true or not isn’t relevant because unprovable.
    Perception is reality…

    • Reality is whatever the majority believe it to be at any given time.

    • How exactly are Ricky’s ability to fly and the existence of some god unprovable claims?

  8. As a believer, I find this “proof is on the believer” valid. Yes, really !
    I can say for myself, that I was not truly certain for several years in the beginning. Number of alternatives came to mind.
    But as a scientist (yes, there are christian scientists), I went on to test the theory. The Bible contains number of untestable claims, including things of the future; and also I find things of the past difficult to prove. But there are claims I can test in my own life right now !
    For example, I can pray and test those promises. I can say, (just in my mind, He should be able to hear, right?) “God, if You exist, then please do this for me.” Then wait. Do nothing, but wait. If it comes to pass, that may be just an coincident. Do it again. And again. And again….
    And for me, the Bible has proven to be trustworthy in every respect I have tested it.
    But the proof is not in physical sense scientific. That is because God is a person, not a physical phenomena. Physical phenomena are repeatable, persons are not. Just like asking scientific proof that the woman, who has taken care of you, loves you, feeds you, worries about you, is she really your mother. Try finding scientific proof for that!
    But my proof is scientific, as far as I know: I formulated a theory, and went on testing the theory.
    And now, after decades of testing, I have no alternative, but to believe. The chance of God not existing is non-existent. The proof I have in my own life is so overwhelming.
    But the proof is personal. You have to test God yourself ! Just ask, and keep asking.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter October 31, 2016

      You are no scientist. If so you would know that you CAN proof motherhood by a simple genetic test. And what you claim as a theory has nothing to do with scientific falsification. I asked God to slap you in the face for your devilry. I and will do so again, and again, and again. I will keep asking.

    • Puddin' Tain November 8, 2016

      God will always answer your prayers, sometimes the answer is NO.

  9. I am a mathematician by education. In mathematics, we are not allowed to prove things by simply making up a theory, and testing if results fit. We have to PROVE that there are NO OTHER possible explanations to the problem. Only then we are allowed to call it a proof. A simple example: f(x) = 1 / (102345.5533 * PI – x). Does this have discontinuity ? Assume you didn’t know the exact formula. You may test f(x) numerically long time and hard and never accidentally find value x where f(x) approaches infinity. But seeing the formula itself, we can easily determine that it actually has point of discontinuity : x = 102345.5533 * PI.
    This is the preciseness I want for proof. With that in mind, can you prove the lady your call your mother, is really your mother. That, for example, she isn’t, for example, your aunt or your mother’s identical twin sister, both of which would have quite similar genes ? Can you prove, that radiation (that changes our genes constantly) has not changed her genes to match yours ? Yes, the probability for these is very, very small, but remember, I was asking for ABSOLUTE proof, not a likely proof. As you can see, absolute proof is much more difficult to obtain than what is commonly understood. Even in courts, I understand (I’m no professional in that area), gene proofs are considered only statistical proof, not absolute, just like fingerprints. There are almost always a very, very small chance that another explanation can be found.
    But your reaction does match what Bible tells how many people will react. You are (at least not yet) ready to honestly seek out what the truth is, only seeking to scold people, it seems to me. (No, I have no proof of that, either.) The test for God’s existence I’ve given, does not take much of your time: just ask silently for Him to show Himself and then just leave the matter. A non-existent person cannot answer. You want to be a scientist ? A scientist examines things, and does not let his personal opinions get in the way of finding the truth, right ?!?! Prove me wrong: do the test for real and earnestly seeking the truth.

    • Your “test” only proves that you are very, very confused. The bible helps you with that? That’s so great for you. You go dude!
      Only mathematics has something like an absolute proof. As a mathematician however you should know this is only valid for little to medium complex questions. Which really made me wonder if you are really one, or maybe just a prententious bible thumper. So I asked god and he told me. He said: “Don’t listen to that dull ponem Mikey and his mathematic shtick. He’s just a shlemihl”. You know, god speaks jiddish, with a broad New York accent. Prove me wrong…

  10. Ricky will be an atheist until he’s on his deathbed.
    Then he’ll be begging Jesus for one more minute!

  11. He wasn’t being asked to prove there is no God, simply why he didn’t believe in one. But seemingly he couldn’t handle the question.

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