That’s Right, Sweetheart


That's right, sweetheart.


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  1. He man of the universe. March 1, 2020

    Turns the steak on the grill, flips the burgers, answers a call from the office on last nights project build. Yes, some of us can do it all.

    • Eric the half bee March 1, 2020

      Actually multi-tasking is just a myth. Despite what people believe the brain can only focus on one task at a time.

    • @Eric – Well that explains why I get caught perving at a nice backside while at the same time talking to the wife.

  2. Rest of the World in 2020 March 1, 2020

    American ideals. Welcome in 1785.

  3. Anonymous March 1, 2020

    The irony of that is: the cultures that push women to not “waste” time raising a family will be eradicated in a few generations by cultures that give proper value to motherhood, since the later tend to have way more kids.
    Natural selection is a nature’s algorithm that works in many topics, including with cultures.

    • Anonymous March 1, 2020

      The irony of that is: the cultures that push women to not “waste” time raising a family will be less straining on the environment in a few hightech generations while other cultures will suffer from hunger, contamination and desease still popping out too many mouths to fill unable to reach a competitive level of technology.
      Natural selection is nature’s algorithm that many people don’t understand, including trolls.

    • Irony is that even in third world countries birth rates immediatly drop once some level of prosperity is achieved. No matter what cultures dominate there.
      “Value of motherhood” is often just an excuse of the enslavement of women. Prefereably used by religious and far-right demagoges of all cultures. As is the missuse and abuse of Darwin’s theories.

    • Anonymous March 2, 2020

      From the series: everything I don’t like is far right.
      1) Let me help your brain to work a bit: look for the most common newborn names in UK.
      2) Yes, they do suffer from hunger on places they don’t control birth rate, but they don’t stay there. They become refugees. Hence, check item 1 again.
      You’re welcome.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2020


  4. Infidelic March 1, 2020

    Where’s their burka?

  5. Dr. John's Boy March 2, 2020

    Satan’s way of distracting you from making dinner is the BBC.
    The ladies can’t get enough of that Blackadder.

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