Getting Married: The Greatest Idea Ever!


Will you sign a legally binding contract to get the state involved if you ever decided to leave me? Yes! Yes! A thousand times Yes!


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  1. Of course she says yes. The state and the wife are on one side, the husband who will loose everything in a divorce on the other side.

    I have no idea why men are still marying, but tbf they do it less and less…

    • Poor incel. Maybe you are just a loser on all fronts. It’s not them, it’s you alone. Forever.

    • You will never be a man.

    • I’ve seen 14 year old boys more man than that guy.

    • The Oracle of Buffalo Chip November 9, 2022

      An INCEL is an involuntary celibate, there are an ever increasing number of voluntary celibates as they realize marriage endangers their assets and retirement with no benefit to be had from having children.

      That said, it’s not that bad as illegals come to “indigenous” lands with nothing so a trollop in the daisy’s comes with little risk. So it works out for everyone.

    • Ok, Incel Chippy.

    • @The Oracle of Buffalo Chip. You keep telling yourself your virginity is “voluntary”. 🤣

  2. Oh my god, what an ignorant subject to show the idiots who read
    this site.
    Eatliver is a giant shit disturber.

    • Absolutely. They post this crap and get off on the mele as much as the trolls get off on making asinine comments.

  3. Heard a Rumour November 8, 2022

    Rumour has it Trump removed all the jewelry from his dead first wife
    before they buried her.
    Rumour also has it a few of the housekeeper staff at Mar-A-Lago have
    been spotted wearing rather expensive jewelry.

    • This jewelry must be expensive for the women to get near that orange blob.

  4. I now pronounce you dumb and dumber… 💩💒💩

  5. Let’s start the rest of our lives by spending all of our money on the first day.

  6. Americas fascination of the law. Soon you’ll have to sign a contract
    To buy an ice cream cone. You never know when someone may
    chock to death deep throating the pointy end of the cone.

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