When German Economic Sanctions Hit Hard…


When Germany cancels Nord Stream 2 vs. when Germany cancels shipments of Adidas gear.


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  1. Concerned citizen March 3, 2022

    You made Vlad sad, look out Germany you’re next on the hit list.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2022

      No doubt he hates Germany. He was stationed in the former GDR as a KGB agent and had to endure the reunification of Germany in his lifetime. The little man must be full of hate and frustration.

  2. Anonymous March 4, 2022

    If NATO countries had been true to their words and not a pack of New World Order liars this wouldn’t be happening. Ukraine is and has always been a corrupt crime ridden sh#% hole. This Government shut down TV stations, and jailed or disappeared dozens journalists. Largest child trafficking country on earth. And remember Hunter Biden and Nancy Pelosi’ Son over there getting rich. People are cheering them on to fight Russia and die solely to benefit the NWO. Europe will now face another million refugees while America, the one pushing hardest won’t take any. So the US has been bombing Yemen and Somalia for years. No reports on that or is trying to steal American billionaires yachts. I don’t blame Putin for protecting his country anymore then When America didn’t want nukes in Cuba.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2022

      Typical Russian “Troll” report. 5% fact 95% propaganda.

    • El Sporco que Habla Demasiado March 4, 2022

      Someone is ( understandably ) desperate to draw attention away from Trump’s Proud Boy fascist allies and their recent guilty pleas to the crimes of sedition and conspiracy.

      Technically that’s Treason in time of War, but who’s counting?

      If you want corruption and self dealing, look no further than Don Sr and Don Jr and Jarvanka and the whole crooked Trump mob family.

    • Ivan the Deplorable March 4, 2022

      Googlesky Translate must nave been worn out after this screed. But you earned your potato ration.

  3. Trunk monkey March 4, 2022

    Nukes in Cuba: True and proven.
    Nazi’s in Ukraine: Riding on skeletal unicorns, leading hordes of zombies no doubt.
    Putin’s not on the Ritz, he’s on mushrooms and so are you.

  4. Anonymous March 5, 2022

    Stop! The truth stings. You know I don’t remember protecting democracy requiring this amount of censorship. You fully deserve what’s coming. Remember that. When the NWO gets rolling it will make what’s happening in Ukraine look like a child’s playground.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2022

      Thanks to you idiots who enabled it, you tool.

    • Anonymous March 8, 2022

      I’m not a member of the New World Order or the World Economic Forum. Talk to Justine Trudeau and most of Canada’s Government. All members of both as are many world leaders. Your going be so mad when your sitting in the camps.


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