The Most Genius Barcode Designs Ever



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  1. Barcodes by libtards.

    • Grouchmuffin August 30, 2017

      Why ya gotta be a hater?

    • These are awesome and you remain, as always, an imbecile.

    • NOT ME.
      Some are actually quite creative.

    • *lol* NOT ME! NOT ME! Kauf Buch, always the same. Posts drunk and then, later, denies it and complains about fakes.
      Get your sh*t together and become a decent human being.

    • I really wish there was away to maintain a proprietary hold on a name in this site. I have had reasonable and pleasant conversations with Kaufy, and contentious…I hesitate to call them conversations but whatevs, with the ill-natured, quarter-witted Kaufy and I have no idea if it’s the same bi-polar person or if some a-hole is playing stupid internet games.

    • I’ve a crush on Kauffy and never know when is he

    • Dat, F off. Some troll posted this under my pseudonym.

    • … You ARE a troll, Kauf Buch!

  2. I’m having treatment for my personality disorder. Bear with me guys. I’m actually a good person.

    • NOT ME. I hope the troll posting this is having fun.
      I find it BORING.

    • Yes, Kauf, most of us on here actually believe you taht you are not a good person. No need to shout “NOT ME” in this case.

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