10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong



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  1. Hey guess what, if you want America to outlaw gay marriage because you believe the bible doesn’t support it YOU ARE FORGETTING THAT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND YOUR CHURCH ARENT THE SAME THING wow who knew? mind blown.

    • Marriage is a biblical view…. If you support marriage of any kind you are supporting a biblical practice….

      and people can marry out of their race

    • Hey “unknown”, it’s called sarcasm.

    • Logical atheist August 6, 2015


    • LOL…That is quite apparent.

    • amen

    • Marriage did not come out of the Bible.It was actually a pagan.practice,get your facts straight yo yo.

    • I dont care if anyone is christian. In the bible it says we are not to judge no one and its not our judgement call who we to judge. Im so sick of people talking and saying oh it wrong to be gay. Who gives a crap. What about helping the homeless instead about gays the world is so left wing. This so reducolus.

    • Destroyerxx November 4, 2016

      I want them to outlaw gay marriage because I don’t believe in love, but I still want the world to continue, so I support marriages that will produce offspring.
      Shockingly enough, we both live in the same world, the only difference is, I’m trying to save it, while you are promoting it’s downfall.

    • Anonymous May 9, 2020

      Wow sarcasm mind blown

  2. People are led by the heart. Who knows why you are gay but it’s been here since the Kings ruled. Why hasn’t God or man cured this bad thing if its so bad. I’ll not judge on basis of a Bible writen by man not God. If this is wrong let him decide, not me, for that is gossiping and that too is wrong.

    • because evil exists and our world is retarded

    • it is the persons choice everyone has free will

    • God doesn’t like it, but He loves all of us and so He gives free will, the ability to choose right from wrong, to see which of us are fit to enter Heaven.
      Also homosexuality is increasing due to disorders and problems with chemical induced medications etc. So it kinda isn’t as natural as you think, if it can be caused by chemicals.

    • God isn’t changing it because sadly, for some people, God gave everyone free will to choose Him or not. (Obviously, God is the ONLY answer in this world! :))tru

    • Anonymous May 9, 2020

      Wait but wat would happen if god was gay

  3. opera winfrey June 29, 2015

    all of ur reaons are stuped 4 example if the bible says being gay is wrong how come god makes people gay its not a choice ur bprn with it and also my best friend is gay so if i hang out with him 2 much will i turn lesbien NO ur just a jerk nobody can be as perfect as YOU sp shut up and stop hating

    • Oh Happy Day July 2, 2015

      The bible doesn’t say that being gay is wrong! It says having sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is a SIN. We are All born sinners all of us and God gave us a free will to choose to follow his laws or not, to believe in Jesus Christ or not. The Devil wants to take as many souls as he can to hell before the end of time. So you can believe or not and say what you want but in the end either I’m right or you are and if I’m right I will be in heaven forever the most amazing, unbelievable, can’t even imagine for ETERNITY. If your right HELL the most terrifying, horrific, extreme pain and suffering for the rest of ETERNITY!!! You Choose?

    • R u hating on haters?

    • Oprah..you are so gracious…lol

    • it is there choice to be a homo

    • Why does the devil (an entity crested by the church to fear munger the stupid) want as many souls as he can before the end of eternity. Is he having a party? Is he really bad at making friends? Or is it just a rah rah story that modern people who know to much struggle to swallow.. Like unicorns and ghosts.

    • In case you couldn’t tell, all of the arguments stated are sarcastic. They are meant to mock popular arguments against gay marriage.

    • All right u left wingers. Wake up and smell the coffee. Nothing is perfect. You guys need to be more compassionate
      Who gives a crap if someone gay wants same sex marriage welcome to the world its their choice not yours. Mind ur buisness
      Who cares what the bible says . U are not jesus christ
      And you are not to judge.

    • These days many people actually become homosexual due to certain brain dysfunctions and chemicals.
      P.S. Work on your punctuation.

    • Point of correction Opera but God does not make people gay. We as humans were all created with freewill to make our own decisions and think whatever we want based on surroundings etc. etc. Even slaves who do not always have the freedom to do what they want due to a higher power restricting them still have freedom in their minds to hate what they are made to do or like them. Its totally a choice that they chose to make and no one can change their thoughts or choice unless they themselves want to.

  4. okay hi i find this absolutely stupid. First off if straight people only produced straight children then we would have no gay people, because how would the first homosexual be alive. And not only are you being rude and obnoxious to woman,hard working single parents,short,etc. THESE POSTS ARE THE MOST RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS THING EVER!! GOD SHOULD BE DISAPOINTED IN YOU!!

    • If you read this article and think they were being serious with the 10 reasons, you my friend, are an idiot. It’s sarcasm, and I for one, found it hilarious, but the comments on here are even better.

    • You should be disappointed in your own intelligence…

    • they are arguing about divorice

    • Hello Reem. All of the 10 statements are sarcastic–ridiculous on purpose. They mean the exact opposite of what is being said. I guess the author assumed most people would figure that out. So please don’t take them literally. They are really all pro everyone–straight or gay–because, of course, being either is not a “choice” at all… for anyone. The real rudeness here seems to be coming from those who feel threatened by this reality.

    • XD wow u think that really means something?

  5. Ray Butler July 14, 2015

    If you use the Bible you can show how religion is wrong on Marriage Equality. First, Law doesn’t require a moral definition of Marriage, the Law simply stipulates Rights to couples. As consenting adults gays request the Civil Right to officially identify as married, it is immoral to refuse that request by both the standards of Law and Civil Rights. The Bible says “Pay Caesars things to Caesar…” the Law and government is essentially Caesar by any definition, unless Christians wish to concede that Caesar is God? They have just been rebuked…

  6. Emily Litella July 14, 2015

    Oh. Never mind.

  7. Scorpion 117 July 25, 2015

    If straight parents only raise straight children, how could anyone have become gay in the first place?

  8. And if hell could speak….what would it say? Hmmmmmm

    • The devil would be like “why the actual hell is everyone blaming me for making gays gay bro, i mean hell, i got my own rainbows that caught on fire down here. like.??”

  9. My goodness people. This is s joke. It is sarcasm at its finest. Gay people SHOULD be able to marry, that’s what this is about.

    • #CotholicGodLover November 9, 2018

      God created man for man and women for women, so yeah your wrong. Gays should not be allowed to marry.

    • Anonymous May 9, 2020

      Um cothlic god lover I actually have 24 genders and there not male or female so the rules don’t apply to apply haha

  10. Juan Bohica August 4, 2015

    Stupid convoluted “reverse psychology” reasoning put together by imbeciles.

  11. Delightfully and skilfully ludicrous! The world really needs to back off and let each of us love whoever it is we really love.

    • right and murderers can love chopping peoples heads off because they can love whatever they want well that’s true but it does not make killing right.

  12. Davis Campbell April 15, 2016

    I still haven’t found a single Bible verse that supports homosexuality.

  13. God is dead and if not, you’re all killing him using his name in vain and adoring false idols, retarded bigots! Think about how you respect the 10 commandments before judging the others!

  14. I understand if you support same-sex marriage or whatnot but I don’t, not because I’m a homophobic or anything, but because I don’t believe in love. I just want our species to continue. I know some of you will say that the world is overpopulated anyway but with death, murder, abortions and homosexuality, we are about to see a rapid decrease.

  15. Terresa/Theo/Tyler December 4, 2016

    1 500 species of animals have homosexual individuals. Only one species has homophobic indivuiduals. Now what’s unnatural?
    Adoption has increased 20% because of gay couples. They are giving young children homes. Are you denying those children their rights to a home?
    We are who we are and you can’t change us.

    • H20FIRE&SMOKE December 7, 2016

      What’s unnatural is the fact that you are comparing humans, which are beings that have free will, to a dumb animal that has only instinct.
      No one is denying children right to a home. Some of us just want them to have the best that life can offer.
      One thing I’ve always noticed about the homosexual community is that they always say two things: “It’s not a choice” and “it’s love”. I find this really interesting. Whether it’s a choice or not doesn’t even matter. You should be able to control your lust, you’re not an animal! You have free will!
      Humans have the ability to love, and love is a choice. Trust me, you may think that you love someone, and then it dies out, that’s wrong! Love is a choice! Either you choose to love or your relationship will die out.
      This means that you can love the opposite gender and have a relationship with them.
      If you don’t, that means that you are giving way to your emotions and lust. It also means you have no self control.

    • Some guy May 9, 2020

      Yes, yes we are

  16. Some straight couples can be bisexual, or pansexual. Also some people don’t want children.

  17. Hi all, Lets keep the religion aside for a while (Many religions do not approve of Gay marriages). Lets think of nature’s point of view. Think of how trees get fruits, how animals re-produce, how this world survived so long & human re-production. Imagine if the trees, animals & humans are Gay. There will be no fruits or vegetables to eat, there will be no animals for human needs (For people who eat meat) and at the end there will be no human race to live in this world. What I think is Gay marriages are all about physical sexual need which gone to the extreme level of sexuality. Same as people are too greedy about money, status, fame & Power (They will even kill someone to get there), this is the extreme unnatural level of a sexual need. Anything unnatural is against nature. If anything is against nature then there will be no survival at all. If our ancestors thought of Gay marriages those days then today any of you will not be here in this world and the world would have been ended long time back. (Sorry if my grammar is wrong, I am not a native English speaker)

  18. #CatholicGodLover November 9, 2018

    Some of these comments are SO FRICKEN ridiculous! Fact#1- God created man for man and women for women./ Fact#2- Gay marriage is wrong

  19. “Straight people only raise straight kids” What!?!? I’m bisexual and transgender and I have straight parents. How are women property!?!? YOU SUCK!!!

  20. and there is not only one religion in the USA I’m an atheist and I know Christians,Muslims and Jewish people. You are basically hitler.

  21. God says not to be gay ok so just go to hell

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