The Gay Marriage Debate In 50 Years




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  1. Lazier Than Thou June 30, 2015

    Not really. Most people who were born after 1990 are largely accepting of homosexuality, so I’d say he’s off by about 20 years.
    Also, I think it’s cute that he thinks in 50 years marriage will still be a thing(and that has nothing to do with gays).

  2. Oh my , you people are more preachy than Y. Witnesses and more aggressive than ISIS. And not funny. And you don’t know the fossilization process, but I’ll give that to “figure of speech”.

    • It used to be the Temperance Movement, then it was the Evangelicals, but now the overzealous moral crusaders are all on the Left.

    • that oatmeal guy is super preachy!

  3. >implying only dumb people oppose gays.
    >implying rights to vote and rights to perform some weird religious ritual is the same.

    • Well it’s not just a weird religious ritual. There are legal benefits to marriage, like handling of an estate upon one’s death, right to speak on your partner’s behalf (when they are incapacitated through illness), taxes, adoption laws, etc, etc.
      As for religious hate on gays, well it is anti-Christian at least. People don’t have a right to judge others, only God does. Or am I getting that wrong? Also the bible does say to love (ie respect) all others, despite their flaws.
      Lastly gay marriage doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I don’t care of gays marry on not. So I really don’t see why it is an issue if they can. It’s like lots of people are scared if it’s made legal they will suddenly be in a gay marriage against their will.

    • LogiC,
      Actually the idea that “people don’t have a right to judge others, only God does” is unbiblical. I mean, God is the only one who judges where we go after we die, but every time you make a decision about someone (hiring an employee, choosing which restaurant to eat at, etc) you are judging them.

    • Gay marriage has nothing to do with religion. They just want the same legal rights of hetero people, like health insurance benefits, heritage, children support, etc.

  4. btw I support freedom, you can marry whoever you want.
    But I HATE gays (like gays who make everyone around know they are gay. Frankly noone cares about your persona at all).
    Since gays are rather vocal about themselves (and noone else) all the time I believe I have the right to hate/deeply dislike them.

    • There are lots of gays around you that are not “rather vocal about themselves”, but you don’t notice them because… guess… they are not “rather vocal about themselves”.

  5. Stop… this… gay… propaganda…

  6. This is supposed to be a page for funny pictures, not political commentary. Stick to the funny. That way you don’t alienate half your audience.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I look for humor to get away from politics, not dive right back into it.

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob June 30, 2015

    Me and Joe Bob are cousins. We gots a granma thats a fossil, she died in 1923 sitin in her rocker. We never moved her.

  8. Nobody should be allowed to vote,

  9. I thought this was just a joke on how prejudices don’t go away they just change forcus over time with the new generation not understanding the older generations problem

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