Marriage Counseling



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  1. This is completely corrupt. No one in a close relationship (think marriage or siblings) would be unknowing of the other’s conditions. Poorly constructed troll. Shape up EatLiver!

    • You must be fun at parties.

    • No it’s possible there was this one girl I was seeing and didn’t know her name for 3 days

    • If the roles were reversed, you’d be cracking up because your humor relies on it always being the woman’s fault.

    • Our resident SJW ****. Repping for regressive’s everywhere. Everyone’s humour relies on it always being the woman’s fault. You heard it here first.

  2. Lov'n You Is Like Fry'n Bacon Naked February 6, 2018

    When we were dating she was quite, shy, sweet. The day after we were married she constantly talks, I can’t shut her up. After 30 years, I have to say I’ve acquired faults too. I started drinking, listening to Rodger Allan Wade songs and discovered noise cancelling head phones.

    • As a wife I have to say that I love those noise cancelling headphones. As long as he’s wearing those he’s not talking to me about computer stuff.

    • Lt.Com. Worf February 6, 2018

      Direct hit, Captain!

  3. Randy Russel February 6, 2018

    Can’t remember where I’m stealing this from:
    „Marriage is like a deck of cards:
    In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. In the end, it takes a club and a spade.“

  4. Maybe she’s Italian?

  5. George_Banner February 7, 2018

    MGTOW monks have no problems of this kind.

  6. That’s not the Sign for “I’m Deaf.”

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