Shocking! LEAKED New iPhone Designs!



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  1. At least iPhone 10 and 11 have charging ports back! When is Android getting that?

  2. The original IPODS were revolutionary not just because they held a lot of music, but because the dial/button/clicky thing that you could work by feel in your pocket without ever having to look at it and be distracted or lose concentration on whatever else you’re doing. Touch screen everything is the step back. You can’t change a song, adjust volume, anything .. without having to stare at the screen. Apple has been de-evolving for a long time.

  3. I lol’d! Good one, eatliver!

  4. Italiano Medio October 7, 2016

    No need to worry, you can drill the iPhone whenever you need a new port. Trust me, I’ve seen it on the internet.

  5. Lines are forming now at Apple stores

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