Genius Signs From “The March For Science”



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  1. Just waiting patiently for the pro-Trump/MRA/RWNJs to chime in with just how unattractive they find the science ladies.

    • No, but the first sign doesn’t help to dispel the notion of arrogance in science. I deal with that condescending attitude frequently.

    • Yet instruments show a high concentration of moron particles on eatliver. Especially emitting from right wing postings.

    • Flossy McHookerpants April 24, 2017

      They are all fat and probably smell like McDonalds fries.

    • If you find a lot of people condescending chances are you come across a bit thick.
      Hope this helps, dear.

    • Thick? Hardly. I just don’t worship at the altar of the DNC or the RNC.

    • “the notion of arrogance in science” – that’s as thick as it can possibly get.

    • lol, so accept what you are told without question. What ever happened to question everything?
      It’s ok, science says so and just do what they say. Go ahead and smoke because nicotine isn’t addictive and smoking isn’t harmful. GM foods don’t cause cancer but they do (at least in mice prone to develop tumors). Eugenics is best for society. Don’t get a second medical opinion since your doctor knows what’s best so don’t doubt them. You have an ulcer…must be due to stress. A mother’s thoughts cause birth defects so let’s get you on thalidomide. Just don’t take vaccines since they cause autism. Cold fusion is going to solve our energy problems.
      Sometimes the purported experts are wrong. But hey, believe the scientists unconditionally since they tell you they are smarter than you.
      But on the plus side Hillary is going to win the electoral college by a landslide.

    • Dude, science is “questioning everything” by definition. The entire rest of your rant is just incoherent bulllshit bingo.

    • It’s ok to admit your ignorance and learn some new things. However, wallowing in stupidity is your own choice.

    • Wait…are you saying that those were WOMEN???

  2. Bob DeBuilder April 24, 2017

    Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you’re beautiful…

  3. Lazier Than Thou April 24, 2017

    It’s kind of rude to point out that Neil deGrasse Tyson is a moron, but I can’t say it’s factually inaccurate.
    I guess civility is dead, huh?

  4. Puddin' Tain April 24, 2017

    “Science,” the new religion for the gullible.

    • “The new religion” – the new bullshit bingo phrase for the wannabe smart.

  5. I like all of these signs, it’s just funny to me that the trump protesters insisting on the facts here are usually the same people who’s also insisting that there are 37 different genders, and you can choose any one of them you like depending on your mood that day. (and a lot more like that)

  6. Yur Mom ain't here to clean up after you April 24, 2017

    How many hundreds of tons of trash and litter were left behind in places like NYC or the National Mall? Remember the Mall after 0bama’s first inauguration? Disgraceful. When these snowflakes walk the walk, I might listen.

    • Aww, looks like you’re afraid that if people clean up their own trash, you’ll be out of a job.

    • Yur Mom ain't here April 25, 2017

      Try to outsource it to India

    • Wasn’t a problem at Trump’s inauguration as no one came to see it.

  7. If only they’d carried one more sign, or made those signs just a little larger, all of those problems would disappear.

  8. The only people that completely fluster me are the ones who don’t believe in medicine/vaccines. The ones that do it for religion are easier to ignore because I know they are stupid. It is the random people that are very nice, intelligent and seem to have a good head on their shoulders; then spout off out the blue, about not getting their kids vaccinated… so…I can’t even move to America without every shot in the world; but I come here and you don’t bother making sure my kids are safe.

  9. So now eatliver is a platform to advance politics? I can’t get away from it in sports, in movies, and now in comedy? Just stop, STOP. You’re ruining everything.

    • I don’t see how beans in random places, or ninja cats has anything to do with politics. I suppose if you are obsessed with any subject, you will find it everywhere. I personally love pirates and the princess bride. I enjoy finding fun references everywhere I can.

  10. Turn away from a life of grievance, the elders knew those who lived it were always mad & sad

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