Have You Seen Owls Walking? It’s The Funniest Thing Ever!


Have you ever noticed that owls look hilarious while walking? Take a look at the pics featured below. These photos by Austin Thomas will definitely make you laugh.

Grumpy walking owl.

Funny walking owl.

Walking owls are hilarious.

Awkwardly walking owl.

Angry walking owl.

This owl seems to be quite busy.

Funny looking walking owl.

Angry running owl.

Funny walking owl.

Owls look hilarious when walking.

Awkwardly walking owl.

This owl is definitely angry at something.

Busy walking owl.

Walking owls look so weird.

Walking owls look so odd.

Funny walking owl.

Walking owls look so awkward...

Grumpy walking owl.

Funny walking owl.

Funny owl walking.


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  1. Is this like “train spotting”?
    Englishmen with too much time…

  2. The Neverwas December 27, 2018

    Does any other species of owl walk?

    On the plus side, there was an ad on the page for a Groot planter that looked pretty cool.

  3. The poster does not know the meaning of the word hilarious. He got it mixed up with the word boring.

  4. Now I know where John Cleese hot his inspiration from

  5. They look determined. But I must confess, I didn’t laugh. I didn’t even breathe faster.

    Cats > Owls > Owl Exterminators > Dogs > Pugs

    – CatMan

  6. Badass and self confident for sure.

  7. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them owl..

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