New Words We Should Add to a Dictionary



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  1. This collection of words describes virtually everyone. It’s all the knowledge one needs in this world.

  2. This post was very unlightening.

  3. Columbusing could have taken a different approach that is a bit darker.

  4. ASKHOLE!!- Who has these noun invented, I can say only – you are GENIUS! Askhole- so many of people can take pretty good that name (that is also scary, sad and situation is beyond hope of improvement, unfortunately ,because, thay donĀ“t know how stupid are ) so any othet description is’t necessary.

  5. Yood.
    When somebody else notices you being quiet, due to thinking, reading or drifting off into space and decides that not only are you in a mood but that your denial of such mood is proof and then proceeds to tell everyone.
    Usually ending with you being in a mood

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