Funniest Marriage Tweets of 2017



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  1. So, this is exactly why I never got married. Stay in a relationship and you only have to endure half of that shit.

    • somethingsomethingdarkside December 29, 2017

      Easier to break off when you get tired of the same shit everyday

    • It will come to you when you least expect it…LOVE…not death, I mean!

  2. I-guess-no-yard-work-this-weekend-bob December 29, 2017

    You know where you rank if your wife boosts/doesn’t boost about you’re “such a great husband” on Facebook.

    • Cliff Rapert January 1, 2018

      The last time my wife boosted something she got arrested…

  3. It’s cheaper to rent than to own.

    • “I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave”. – Charlie Sheen

  4. Too many of these show why so many soon-to-be
    FORMERLY married women ask, “what happened?”
    when they should have known better (and looked in the mirror).

    • As if you will ever understand anything about marriage. Forever alone, Kauf.

    • Nasty, inaccurate remark from an ignorant fool. Sad, datty, very, very SAD!
      May the New Year bring you a bit of happiness.

    • Oh, I’m happy. Especialy when I think of you on new year’s eve – all alone in your cold basement.

  5. I remain, as always, ecstatic that Mr. Rattus is not a humourless clod like you lot.

    Happy New Years to the two or three decent people who post here AND to the half-witted RWNJs. The MRAs and other bigots can go to hell.

  6. The new year’s approaching… Buckle up

  7. Dat and kauf love ur sparing it makes my day. Happy new year

  8. Strange but true. I once had an argument with my wife and, I think, I lost the argument. The argument was over a dream she had where I abandoned her somewhere in dreamland. Sigh, we still married.

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