Awesomest Engagement Photos Ever




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  1. I Am Not Funny May 9, 2014

    One zombie versus two ninjas?

  2. maxdname May 9, 2014

    they’re registered at Home Depot…

  3. Dick Richie May 9, 2014

    Who takes a shovel on a picnic? One of them had something else planned. Maybe…..MURDER!

    • Sir Crazy May 9, 2014

      It was the lady. She made sure to have her two hands on the shovel and the first couple photos the guy looked unhappy. But leave it to zombie dude to mess up a good thing.

    • he was planning to propose … of course he brought a shovel … gotta plan just in case she says “no”‘

  4. Die Nachtuil weet je May 10, 2014


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