Funny Conversations That People Overheard



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  1. Tire slasher up there has a point.

    • @Rattus
      You were probably fun when you were younger just a feeling

    • I’m fun now.

    • Intl nationalist February 8, 2018

      Are you a Fun Guy?

      I know, I’ll just leave.

    • I’m with Rattus. A carefully sliced tire as you run by, or a can of contrasting paint on the hood bring a degree of satisfaction. @Rattus, I have a spike that lets air out fast and leaves a small almost undetectable hole. Lemme know if you need it.

    • I’ve actually moved beyond the let’s-slash-tires portion of my life. I am now considering packing a jar of peanut butter to smear across the driver’s side windshields of those who park across two spots.

    • Rattus
      Lol I’ll wager you don’t do that

    • @Rolf, I did say that I was considering packing PB. Very clever of you to deduce from that that I don’t currently do it.

    • A kinder juvenile delinquent February 11, 2018

      We’d just take out the valve stem and toss it.

  2. @Rattus mix it with molasses. Sticks a lot more better.

  3. Try blasting expanding foam up the exhaust…..

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