Hilarious Sidewalk Signs

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When it comes to sidewalk chalkboard signs, some pub and cafe owners get really creative and come up with brilliant ideas. Scroll down to see them all!

Don't risk it.

Little known fact about wine.

Water for your dog!

Trust me, you can dance.

Education is important, but...

Stay safe! Eat lots here!

The official sunblock of Ireland.

Soup of the day: whiskey.

Oh, you hate your job?

Eat here or we will both starve.

No hipsters allowed!

Alcohol is even better than carrots!

Brilliant sidewalk sign.

Brilliant chalkboard sign.

Clever bar sign.

We don't serve women here.

It's ok, you're a pirate.

Fun fact.

Funny bar sign.

Are you looking for a sign?

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  1. Ok these were still funny when you posted them the second time, but not anymore.

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