Funny and Clever Church Signs



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  1. localmauiderp September 7, 2015

    you forgot kehei baptists sign.
    “honk if you love jesus. text and drive if you want to meet him”

  2. silent Atheist September 7, 2015

    Religious trying to be funny.

    • A) good job living up to your name.
      B) just because you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs doesn’t make them “unfunny,” you judgemental fart.

    • A) They can be unfunny regardless of whether you agree with them.
      B) When did he actually call this “unfunny”? Ah, religion… putting things in our mouth since we were six.

    • The Truthful One September 13, 2015

      Just Churches trying to keep the money flowing in, while they are providing NOTHING in return, except a false sense of enlightenment.

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