Tweets That End So Unexpectedly, They Will Make You Laugh



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  1. Abnormal Norma September 17, 2016

    I laughed a lot at these! They really are very funny. My favourite is “if I got a dollar….”

  2. The Lone Wonderer September 17, 2016

    My wife asked me why I carry a firearm inside the house. I said decepticons. She laughed, I laughed, the toaster laughed. I shot the toaster…. good times.

  3. Pamela Gregson September 18, 2016

    Teacher to child what did you give me a funny look for?
    Child to teacher l did not give you a funny look you were. Born with one!!

  4. Jokes involving cats > clickbait titles

  5. The Carrot one was hilarious.

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