Funeral Selfies



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  1. Lazier Than Thou March 14, 2015

    Classless pieces of garbage.

  2. Why do THESE people live?

  3. Think of Al Yankovic’s “Tacky”…
    “I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased”

  4. just die. all of you selfish die. without internet.

  5. Scientifical March 15, 2015

    These people are potentially the first step in medical science’s attempt to find the existence of a soul. They can function as a control group when searching for an anatomical difference between those who have a soul, and these people, who clearly do not.

  6. When the aliens come to destroy us all, or the big asteroid is about to hit, or just plain old biblical wrath o God shit starts going down and we are all about to die, I will dig up these pictures and take great comfort in their existence.

  7. Dinah Shore or Dinosaur? March 15, 2015

    I saw a funeral selfie a couple years ago with the corpse (in coffin) in the background. It was worse than these… and these are bad!

  8. Idiots Abound March 15, 2015

    Yes, they do.

  9. digest liver March 15, 2015

    Lost it at “#allblackeverything”

    • These people are great… why are funeral selfies by far my favourite thing about the twitter generation.

  10. Meh come on now, a close death makes you confront mortality and your own limited existence. I can see how that would make people want to record themselves being alive. Whatever else they may be, these folks are mourning someone. Stop being jerks to eachother.

  11. I want people to enjoy themselves at my funeral, I wouldn’t mind most of these if they were my relatives. It is an awkward time for many, how should you act/feel? Some say you should be somber and sad, it can be sad but that never means you can’t have a laugh. I doubt most of you would make the comments you have made to their faces on the funeral day.

  12. ooTrebmuN May 18, 2015

    In High School I worked as a photo tech developing pictures (way before digital was so immediately available). It was amazing how many pictures I developed of customers family members laying in coffins. No selfies, just pics of the ones who had passed. It seemed to be pretty popular because there were quite a bit that I printed over the few years I worked there. I did get pretty spooked the first time I saw one drop off the printer. There were never any Hipster disgraces as above, but its a whole new breed these days. I do agree with the Grinch though, I want my passing to be a party. I already told my wife, there needs to be an open bar. I already started saving, this way the drinks will be on me.

  13. TACT has escaped them

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