Politicians Are Like Diapers



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  1. Flossy McHookerpants January 1, 2018

    So that’s what happened to that Obama fellow!

  2. Trump already wears diapers. So, this is a double feature at the moment. America is ruled by a politician AND a diaper. Lots of sh*t is gonna happen.

  3. Flossy McHookerpants January 1, 2018

    Sometimes they’re filled with sh*t before you even get to use them….Crooked Hillary.

    • No group of people can be as full of sh*t as conservative/republican/whateverthef*cktheyarecalled American bigots – two years later they are still obsessed with a candidate that lost.

    • Still funny how High-Treason-Trump calls others crooked.

  4. Yawn. Not an original insult in the whole lot. EatLiver is the repository of partisan hack losers.

  5. If you’re going to steal quotes from the last honorable Republican, at least give him credit. “Congressmen are like diapers. You need to change them often, and for the same reason.” – Pete McCloskey. At while you’re at it thank him for discrediting Pat “combat veteran” Robertson in 1988.

  6. If Hilary is crooked then Trump is limp

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