Friend Zone Explained As a Job Interview


Being in the friend zone is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview and the company saying…


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  1. I can also mop the office floor every week, just to be close to the place that I could not work.

  2. What’s that? If you had known you weren’t going to get the job you would have answered all the questions differently? Well you see… that’s kind of the point. You’re a bit of a liar and a hypocrite. You presented yourself as a certain, perfect type of candidate even before we ourselves knew the job was open, and now you seem to be implying that it was only part of an effort to get the job and you aren’t really that person after all. All that volunteer work? Just an attempt to impress HR. All those kind words about our company? Just an attempt to get close. Yer actually a rather shallow bastard, aren’t you. No, no, it’s OK. Security will see you out.

    • You really need to travel around the internet and post this in response to every self-obsessed loser who complains about being “friendzoned”. Excellent.

  3. If you need me to I can follow your company around for years while ignoring other potential job offers until I develop a deep seated resentment of your firm that borders on the psychotic. All the while doggedly refusing to do the right thing which is just to turn around, walk away and get that job with the slightly dumpier, less physically attractive company that still has a lot of stuff in common with me.

  4. The Terrellian Dextrus-Op December 11, 2014


  5. Pro-Friendzoner December 12, 2014

    The only way how this would explain friendzone would be that the company is some sort of modeling agency and the dude has an ugly face, but a nice personality, so he could be hired for a janitor at best.
    Friendzone is not because the girl is stupid and doesnt see your good qualities. Its because the most important one(your face or height) is not good enough.
    Also, you are probably out of her league anyway.

  6. Oooooor, maybe she’s just not that into you. It’s like this thought never even crosses a man’s mind… They think that real life is like a rom-com in which the goofy guy only has to tweak his game a little then BOOM! girl falls madly in love with him. Did it ever occur to you that maybe we’re just not interested and by continuing to try and force the issue, you become downright stalkery? It’s not attractive. It’s creepy.

    • And this stalking guy is in your FRIENDzone? Not GTFOzone? Strange.

    • Exactly! ‘I like you as a friend’ might just mean that she’s not exactly into you but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying ‘You’re not very attractive, we don’t share that many interests, I get the idea that you’re only being nice to me to get laid and your passive aggressiveness is a major turn-off’. If a girl tells the truth, she’s a bitch and if she lies, she’s a ‘friendzoner’. You gals can’t win with these ‘nice guys’.

  7. berrysherry April 4, 2015

    Every day I see men poo-pooing at getting “friend-zoned”. Stop blaming women for not falling in love with you. Women do not owe you anything. All the whining translates to: “I’m perfect, I’m a nice guy, I’m better than that other guy, etc. But since she doesn’t like me, there’s something wrong with HER, she’s a bitch, etc. Wow I can’t believe I was nice to her for nothing. Why won’t these women just give me what I’m entitled to gosh dangit!!! MOM please get me another plate of bagel bites and a mountain dew!!”
    Yeah it sucks to feel as if you’ve been lead on, or to be sad because you really like someone and it turns out they don’t like you in that way, but when it comes down to it it’s NOT okay to act like a brat and resent women because of it. Women don’t exist to jack off your egos.
    Ladies, an easy way to pick out a misogynistic baby is to find whoever is sharing or retweeting the friend-zone memes.

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