Football vs. Handegg



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  1. Iron Hippo June 16, 2014

    Let the butthurt commence.

  2. javi (with a woman's logic) June 16, 2014

    A kick in the ball is much better than the alternative. Well, yeah – this is a no brainer.

  3. Anonymous June 16, 2014

    Balls can be plenty of shapes, and you play the game afoot. You could call soccer kickball if you want a unique name…

    • I think it was a german soccer star who said: The ball is round and a match has 90 minutes.

    • You must like being wrong…plenty.

    • Johnny Handegg August 30, 2019

      It can’t be called kickball because it played dominantly by foot to control, run, tackle, kick the spherical ball. So it is football and should be called football

  4. Anonymous June 16, 2014

    Soccer could be called anything-but-the-hands ball.
    In football, we kick the ball too.

    • You call that a ball?

    • NoobMaster69 August 30, 2019

      You rarely kick the ball and mostly use the hand, how can it be football?
      Just call your sport Handegg and call our sport football. That’s better

  5. During a football game there are 44 hands, 44 feet and 1 ball on the field.
    During a handegg game there are 44 hands, 44 feet, 1 egg and 44 balls on the field.

    • Hope you don’t mean American gridiron football? Those pansies wear armour. At least rugby players play hand-egg like men.

  6. Sir Crazy June 16, 2014

    I can never understand why americans call their gridiron football as Football. It’s modeled after Rugby Football so why not call it American Rugby???

  7. crappy third world game. run around for 90 minutes for a nil-nil tie. yawn

    • At the opposite of a kicker who is constantly ready to kick a ball at anytime ! Wearing his helmet and pads in case he does not see the Gatorade bucket and runs into it. Wonderful !

    • Johnny Handegg August 30, 2019

      Crappy? It’s the first world game. Low-scoring in football isn’t a problem because the defenders defend so hard that any attacker can’t pass them easily

  8. Distropia June 16, 2014

    Easy folks… Remember all of it is just a GAME. And a kids game for crying-out-loud! Grown men playing a kids game, gimme a break. Now, knife fighting, that’s a real man’s sport.

    • Professor Barnstorm June 17, 2014

      Knife fighting? We call it sharp point stab wrestling!

  9. Egg hands. 1 touchdown= 6 points… So a score 6-0… Yeah REAL FUN…

  10. Gerd Müller June 18, 2014

    Only a sucker calls it soccer.

  11. euroabunchapansys June 24, 2014

    Run run kick kick no handsy’s fall down fake tear get kiss on boo boo nill nill tie everyone goes home happy ball

    • You make a valid point – soccer players exaggerate fouls to an extent that makes the NBA look like amateur hour.

  12. Larry, i'm not Larry D: July 1, 2014

    Fine geeze, you guys win, you can call in ballfoot if you want. ugh

  13. If USA wins the world cup can we call it soccer then?

  14. american copied game from rugby and name from football and helmet and gaurds from cricket and named it american football ,get some thing original suckers

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